HORSCH revises the Pronto series – Pronto 3-6 DC for even more efficiency


  • The HORSCH Pronto 3-6 DC can be used universally. It does not only guarantee a safe emergence after different preparatory works, e.g. mulch seed, after plough or after intensively mixing passes, but is also ideal for different seed applications. In addition to the traditional crops rape, wheat or barley farmers also sow catch crops, grass, spelt and legumes like field beans or soybeans with the Pronto DC


The Pronto principle which can be divided into three steps (seedbed preparation, consolidation, seed placement) is what makes the series particularly successful. The special tyre packers guarantee an optimum and deep consolidation. The special tyres developed by HORSCH are extremely durable. In the future, the Pronto 6 DC will be equipped with an 18-inch packer tyre. Thus, in many countries it will be possible to get a 40 km/h homologation for road service.


With the Pronto 3-6 DC HORSCH introduces a new, innovative control concept. The user interface that has been optimised for touch terminals corresponds to the current ISOBUS standard. The new functions considerably facilitate handling, adjustment and monitoring of the machine for the farmer. The terminal interface can be adapted individually to different requirements and likes of the customers.


In the new hopper generation HORSCH integrated the fan directly in the hopper. The advantage is that due to its higher position in the machine hardly any dirt and dust can get into the metering and distribution system. With immediate effect the single hopper is available with a capacity of 4000 l for the Pronto 6 DC for an increased coverage. The double hopper PPF has been revised, too. The second distributor tower now is located behind the tower and thus provides better accessibility and an increased capacity.

Within the scope of the new hopper concept, the calibration process has been improved, too. The calibration cartridge can be removed very easily to insert the calibration bag. Moreover, a stop valve for the pressurised hopper systems will be available with immediate effect to make the changing of the rotor significantly more comfortable even if the hopper is full.


As an option, the Pronto 3-6 DC is available with the HORSCH RowControl distributor tower. It allows for an individual row switch-off and an even more precise sowing, overlapping and gaps are avoided. In addition, seed and fertiliser can be saved. The LED headlight system WorkLight Pro turns night into day: The lights guarantee an excellent visibility of the machine even in the dark


The Pronto DC is completed by other equipment options, e.g. the HORSCH MiniDrill that as a third hopper almost doubles the efficiency when sowing rape while applying fertiliser at the same time. There are two versions of the additional hopper. On the one hand, there is the MiniDrill G& F that serves as a third hopper for seed. With a capacity of 400 l the MiniDrill allows for filling the two big chambers of the double hopper (2000 and 3000 l capacity) with mineral fertiliser. Thus, you can reduce filling stops and gain valuable time for sowing. The other version is the MiniDrill PPF which is used to take microgranular compound, undersown crops or slug pellets along. It is equipped with a separate fan, a pneumatic system with a separate distributor tower and baffles in front of every second seed coulter. Due to the combination of PPF fertiliser coulters, TurboDisc seed Coulter and baffles you can place three components separately in three seed horizons.


Due to the high operational speeds, the low horsepower requirement and the exact placement of the components the Pronto is particularly efficient. Time and fuel can be saved, and passes can be optimised.