Hybrid CVT wins silver medal in Agritechnica Awards

  • STEYR® Hybrid CVT tractor displayed publicly for first time at Agritechnica takes a Silver award
  • Development of Konzept tractor incorporates multiple efficiency features
  • Focused on ready-to-produce technology

The STEYR® Hybrid CVT tractor, which will be displayed publicly for the first time at Agritechnica 2023, has been granted a Silver Medal in the Agritechnica Innovation Awards, in recognition of the multiple concepts it incorporates that boost the efficacy and efficiency of the tractor in which they feature.

Shown to the world’s agricultural press for the first time in September, the STEYR Hybrid CVT tractor is a development of the Konzept tractor displayed by STEYR at the previous Agritechnica exhibition. A fully-working prototype, it combines a number of features never before seen in the tractor sector, designed to bring significant efficient gains to the machine’s operation in the field and on the road, with benefits both for the environment and for the farmer’s bottom line.

“We are delighted to see the STEYR Hybrid CVT recognized with a Silver Medal in the Agritechnica Innovation Awards,” says Christian Huber, Managing Director CNH Austria and Vice President Global Tractor Product Management. “Our public unveiling of the machine underlines our intentions since the inception of this project, with the display of the STEYR Konzept tractor, to move progressively from concept to reality, and bring key elements of the design closer to production for advances in efficiency, productivity and driving experience.”

Based on the 180hp (rated) STEYR 6175 Impuls CVT platform, the combination of hydro-mechanical CVT drive to the rear axle and the hybrid module on the front axle – both of which can be combined with an intelligent 4wd clutch – means the Hybrid CVT tractor can transmit up to 260hp.

With E-CVT, drive is hybrid-electrical at up to 75kW, which is produced at just 1,100rpm, smoothing non-constant PTO loads from implements such as such as big balers and maintaining ground speed via electric drive. E-Shuttling cuts direction change time by 41% and fuel use by 15%. E-Steering accelerates the front axle during field-speed turns, cutting turning radius by 15% for 20% faster manoeuvring, while E-Boost provides additional electric power when needed, such as after slowing for a junction, after which full travel speed can be re-attained 25% faster than with a conventional transmission, using supercapacitor technology that allows electrical energy generated by the tractor – when, for example, travelling downhill – to be stored for use when needed.

Other features incorporated into the Hybrid CVT tractor include E-Torque Vectoring, which directs torque to the front or rear wheels as required, for variable, on-demand 4wd. In the field, the front wheels are driven electrically at the same speed as the rear, to optimise traction and limit slippage to minimize fuel consumption, tire wear and soil/crop damage. It also allows 4wd to be used on-road, enhancing grip without tire wear/damage or driver discomfort. Further features include E-Braking which keeps tractor speed constant downhill, whilst super-capacitators store electrical power. E-Torque Filling cuts the speed variation caused by hard/soft ground patches when working with soil-engaging implements, for faster ground speed, greater comfort, enhanced precision and higher output. There is also E-Eco Mode, which reduces fuel consumption by 5-10% through the best combination of electrical and CVT power during light tasks. Lastly, the tractor features E-Implement technology, providing up to 75kW at 700V via a standard AEF port, to drive implement functions and, where required, wheels.

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