Increased output option for smaller spreaders at The Royal Highland Show

  • G T Bunning and Sons will be showing a Lowlander 120 Hybrid (HY) Horizontal beater and spinning disc (HBD) model that offers users the option to increase output and improve material shredding on smaller spreaders

The smaller Lowlander 105, 120 and 150 MK4 HBD spreaders are equipped as standard with a 1,500mm-wide beater design. However, users looking for greater output from these machines can choose a 1,830mm HY beater option, that uses the same processing design fitted to the bigger spreaders from the Lowlander 150 HD (Heavy Duty) up to the tri-axle Widebody 380 HD HBD.

The HY option uses the Widebody beater design on the three Lowlander 105, 120 and 150 MK4 HBD models, and Ben Johnson, UK and Ireland sales manager for Bunning, says the upgrade is a useful addition for operators requiring increased output, but wishing to retain the benefits of a smaller machine.

“Upgrading to the Widebody beaters allows greater output from a smaller spreader and means more material can be processed on to the discs than with the standard system. The increased width of the beaters can deliver a more even flow of some products at high rates, which, in turn, can give wider and more consistent spread patterns.”

Bunning’s HBD range uses horizontal beaters to break down material before spreading via the 1.1m wide spinning discs. The design allows a wide variety of products, such as farmyard manure, compost, chicken litter and sewage sludge, to be spread accurately to 30m+.

A Lowlander 120 HY HBD will be part of Bunning’s display at The Royal Highland Show on stand H111.

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