Infused tungsten carbide treatment cuts cultivation costs


  • Bourgault Tillage Tools (BTT) is launching Maxlife, an infused tungsten carbide treatment that protects ground contacting parts and greatly extends their working life

The company believes this will further extend their effective working life and so help users reduce their wearing metal costs – a valuable saving in the current economic climate.

“The treatment can extend the working life of parts by between 300% and 800%”, says Ian Clayton-Bailey, Managing Director of Bourgault UK, the Canadian parent company’s UK subsidiary.

“Maxlife is a heat-applied weld pool containing solid chunks of tungsten carbide, which are spread evenly across the face of the wearing part.

“Unlike other hard surface coatings, the weld deposit does not chip or flake when subjected to high impacts, and is extremely tough.

“It is a cost-effective option for high wear applications across a range of parts and has already proven effective when used on harrow tines, sweeps, spikes, shanks and disc scrapers.

“Extensive field testing has been completed to prove its durability.

“With arable farmers facing higher bills for so many other inputs, we are helping them as far as we can by reducing what they have to spend on wearing metal!”

In its first year of operation Bourgault UK has seen business costs rise by 100% over previous years:

“Our parent company’s 30-year experience in producing hard wearing parts is really coming to the fore in the current business climate”, says Ian.

“Having a huge and versatile range of parts is essential for success in countries like the UK, which has hugely variable soil types, climate and topography across a relatively small land mass.

“That range of parts means we can meet the needs of farmers all across the country”.

The company is also expanding the range of machines for which its Bourgault VOS drilling system can be used. The system has been widely used on Horsch CO and Sprinter drills for some years:

“After field trials this autumn, we are pleased to announce that it will be available as a tine conversion for the Weaving Sabre Tine, Amazone Cayena and Kuhn Megant drills”.