Innovative addition to planting range

  • Precision planting from 2 to 18km/h with new Monosem ValoTerra Ultimate

The new ValoTerra Ultimate has been designed to plant seeds from 2 to 18 km/h, without compromising consistency nor depth. A precise planting, regardless work speed, which fulfils both farmers and contractors’ needs. ValoTerra Ultimate’s first public preview was at Sima.

With the ValoTerra Ultimate’ launch, the seed planting world specialist widens the scope of possibilities, as Flavien Cattoni, Product Manager at Monosem explains: “ValoTerra Ultimate is the new seed planting from the ValoTerra range by Monosem, specifically designed for optimising sowing quality, from 2 to 18 km/h, whilst freeing farmers from speed constraints.!”

ValoTerra Ultimate is a seed planter for which speed is no longer an issue. “Today, thanks to ValoTerra Ultimate, the ability to maintain the performance level in terms of consistency and depth, both at high, medium or low speeds, to manage the diversity of crops to be planted, and also the ability to spread the right fertiliser amount at a high speed, are now possible”, adds Flavien Cattoni.

To maintain optimum emergence, at high, medium and low speeds, Monosem has developed ASG system (for Active Seed which adapts to the planting speed and is based on a brush conveyor which guides the seeds to the furrow, at a rate proportionate to the tractor’ working speed, getting rid of any bumps or vibrations.

For optimum emergence, the vacuum-based seed metering system ensures planting precision and versability. The metering box is equipped with smooth discs, a patented insert and electric drive, all of which help increase precision at higher speed. Seeds are then supplied to the patented cellular loading wheel, which insert each of them in the brush conveyor thanks to a guiding rods system, and finally to the furrow. Also, to be outlined: the brush conveyor belt that is grooved to ensure optimal alignment, perfect rotation and minimal wear.

The new ValoTerra Ultimate planter can manage small and large seeds, thanks to the SmartAccess exclusive system which can switch from conveyor system to chute system in less than 2 minutes per row.

ValoTerra Ultimate can also spread the exact fertiliser quantity at high speed thanks to FertiSmart, the new pneumatic fertiliser unit which applies up to 450kg/ha from an 8-row planter (with 75 cm inter-row spacing) at 15 km/h.

An additional innovation enables the users to apply nutrition and protection solutions to the seed when planting.  MicroSmart ensures highly consistent application at any operating speed and also application of two products at the same time from 2 separate hoppers per metering unit.