Intelligent boom control now available also for 1070G harvesters

A milestone in forest machine technology, John Deere’s Intelligent Boom Control (IBC), is now available for all John Deere WCTL forest machines. IBC was launched for forwarders in 2013. It was introduced for harvesters in 2017, initially for the 1270G and 1170G models. IBC was available for the biggest harvester model, the 1470G, earlier in 2020, and it will now be available also for the smaller 1070G harvester.

A boom equipped with intelligent boom control is fast, easy to use and precise. IBC is a unique boom control system developed by John Deere. The sensors in the intelligent control system read the harvester head’s position, and the algorithms adjust the boom’s trajectories in one easily controlled motion. IBC also functions as a platform on which we can introduce new functionalities that facilitate work.

In harvester operations, IBC is designed to suit the machine’s work cycle. The trajectory and function of the boom automatically adjust as the boom is taken to a tree and when the tree is in the grapple. The operator doesn’t have to activate the different sections of the boom individually. IBC ensures precise operation and efficient work practices. The boom’s electronic end dampening makes the work process pleasant and smooth, and reduces stress on the entire boom. IBC improves work ergonomics and guides the operator in the correct use of the boom, which is directly reflected in the increased productivity of the machine and in the everyday working capacity of the operators.

The agile 1070G equipped with the new, narrow and light H212 harvester head is an ideal combination for first thinnings. The advantages of IBC in thinning work are unbeatable. Precise and controlled movements and grabbing trees, a frequent matter in thinning work, are emphasized in first thinnings and in bundle-handling.

The dimensions of the H212 harvester head bring agility to moving about even in dense thinnings. Delimbing has been optimized especially for smaller trees, enabling a very high-quality delimbing result. Thanks to the narrow frame of the H212 harvester head, visibility to the stem is excellent. The location and the high-speed cutting of the saw increases productivity and minimizes cutting damage. And it has the power and feeding speed to handle bigger trees if needed. The H212 harvester head is available for John Deere 1070G and 1170G harvesters.

New durable windows compliant with ISO 21876 Saw Chain Shot Testing standards for forest machines.

In September 2020, ISO 21876 was published. The new standard defines the requirements for the windows of harvesters, which are at risk of being hit with a broken saw chain or its parts.

Since March 2020, all John Deere forest machines have been equipped with windows fulfilling the requirements of this new standard.

The new RENCRAFT® Super Hard Coat (ECE 43R LEVEL L) polycarbonate windows are more durable.  The scratch resistance of the windows and their ability to withstand chemicals and cleaning solutions is significantly improved.

The front window of the rotating cabin and the rear window of the forwarder’s fixed cabin are now almost 50% thicker than before. Also the front window of the fixed cabin is thicker than before. The thicker material provides better sound insulation, making the cabin an even quieter working environment. The windows can also be retrofitted to all the latest models that have a rotating and levelling cabin or a fixed cabin.

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