Intercropper to take centre stage at Groundswell 2024

  • JK Machinery’s VibroCompact Intercropper from McArthur BDC removes post-harvest barrier to intercropping and takes centre stage at Groundswell 2024, Stand No PF F30

The JK Machinery JCC 08 VibroCompact Intercropper from McArthur BDC, enables cost effective cleaning and separation of intercrops in a single pass. This simple machine removes the post-harvest headache for farmers growing intercrops, and will support the many businesses benefitting from the reduced growing costs and increased gross margins that intercrops can offer.

“With the increasing interest in intercropping, driven by the high cost of inputs, wider adoption of regenerative practises and new contract opportunities, we need to offer cleaning and separating equipment to meet the requirements of farming enterprises of all sizes. Especially those taking the first steps in intercropping,” explained John McArthur, MD of McArthur BDC, the exclusive distributor for JK Machinery in the UK and Ireland.

The VibroCompact Intercropper, which will take centre stage on the McArthur BDC Stand PF F30 at Groundswell 2024, is the latest addition to JK Machinery’s range of cleaning and sorting equipment and is designed for farmers looking to process mixed crops below five tonnes per hour.

The VibroCompact Intercropper is the smaller version of JK Machinery’s already established VibroMAX Intercropper which can separate mixed crops at up to 10 tonnes per hour.

“Both Intercropper models are triple decked, equipped with three vibrating sieves, instead of the more normal two, which enables the cleaning and separation of bi-crops to a high standard in a single pass,” said McArthur. “Each crop is aspirated at the inlet and then individually, on the outlet, delivering the best possible results and allowing individual crops to meet premium specifications in a single pass.”

The VibroCompact Intercropper separates the incoming mixed crops into seven fractions. Firstly, it aspirates all crop on the inlet, removing light impurities. The top screen then removes large impurities. The mixed crop then drops onto the middle screen which separates the larger grains, typically beans or peas, from the smaller grains, typically oats or wheat; these smaller grains drop onto the bottom screen where the fine impurities are removed. Both the crops are then individually aspirated at the outlet.

Intercropping is an increasingly popular option for farmers adopting more regenerative farming practises as it helps to reduce the need for artificial inputs, increases water and nutrient utilisation, drives up pest and disease resistance and weed suppression, at the same time as improving soil health.

“The additional £55 per hectare from the Sustainable Farming Incentive’s IPM3 action supports intercropping’s gross margin,” added McArthur.

John Cherry, who with his brother Paul founded the Groundswell event, has invested in a VibroMAX Intercropper, recognising that it is key to the post-harvest cleaning capability that is invaluable in a regenerative farming system.

“Intercropping is the future as it becomes an integral part of regenerative farming. McArthur BDC with its range of cleaning and grading equipment, can help farmers to make the transition to intercropping by providing the cleaning and grading machines to quickly and easily separate different crops, increasing their value post-harvest,” concluded Cherry.

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