JCB keeps up the pace with host of new agriculture machine launches

JCB has reaffirmed its support for the agricultural industry by launching a host of new machines and added more power to other existing models.

During its first virtual launch dedicated to farm machines JCB launched a new range of telescopic wheeled loaders with an industry-first 50kph eight-speed powershift transmission and a high powered engine.

Both developments feature in a new flagship model, the 173hp (129kW) TM420S, in JCB’s ‘Stage V’ telescopic wheeled loader line-up, along with a new cab.

In total, there are four models in the range with new variants and performance upgrades throughout. Lift capacities and lift heights continue at 3.2 tonnes and 5.20 metres for the TM320 and TM320S, and 4.1 tonnes and 5.45 metres for the TM420 and new TM420S.

The new eight-speed JCB Powershift transmission installed in all TM telescopic wheeled loaders is based on the proven components of the current six-speed unit but with two extra forward gears.

The top-spec version of this transmission with 50kph gearing is standard on the new TM420S and an option for the TM320S, the two high performance models in the range equipped with the most arduous farm and contracting applications.

The base spec 40kph version of this eight-speed transmission is fitted to the TM320 and TM420, which are designed for less demanding applications, with torque converter lock-up available in forward gears five to eight.

Both versions of this transmission can be operated manually, shifting through the gears using joystick buttons, or by switching to ‘intelligent’ auto power-shifting for gears five to eight.

In auto mode, the transmission responds to light use of the accelerator pedal by shifting up and down at a relatively steady engine speed for optimum fuel economy, but more aggressive pedal use results in delayed up-shifts to exploit the full power and torque available at higher revs for maximum acceleration and productivity.

All four JCB telescopic wheeled loaders are equipped with a new Command Plus cab that features a one-piece windscreen sweeping up and over the operator’s head.

The new TM420S with its large diameter 26in tyres and heavier duty chassis and axles builds on the performance credentials established by the TM320S among large farms and contractors needing a machine for the toughest and most demanding applications.

Power output for the TM320S is increased to 150hp (112kW) accompanied by 600Nm of torque, while the new range-topping TM420S comes in with 173hp (129kW) and 690Nm.

The TM320 gets a power and torque boost to 130hp (97kW) and 550Nm, while the TM420 has the latest 150hp (112kW) DieselMAX engine with 600Nm torque output.

These general purpose models have the same lift capacity and lift height figures as their ‘S’ counterparts but the 63cc, 230 bar variable flow piston pump hydraulics of the TM320 and 72cc, 260 bar system in the TM420 suits the tasks they are given.