JF Hudson Ltd adds transplanters to its range of Spapperi machinery

  • JF Hudson Ltd has added transplanters to their exclusive range of Spapperi machinery
  • The machines arrived recently from Italy and are keen to get to work in UK soils

As the exclusive UK-distributor for the specialist precision agricultural equipment, the North-Yorkshire based dealer has mono drive and twin drive transplanters, along with a mulch film layer, now in stock. The new machines have been added to meet demand for dependable, high-quality kit that delivers consistent results for growers.

James Hudson, owner and Managing Director said: “Feedback on the Spapperi weeders has been fantastic. Producers say it has been a real game changer given the ease of use and work rate of Spapperi. We are delighted to hear how much they save on time and labour costs while increasing their harvest.

“For us, it is all about helping growers maximise the value and quality of their crops. We want people to work as efficiently as possible and make smart savings where they can, the transplanters will allow growers to do just that.”

The semi-automatic transplanters can plant through plastic or direct into bare soil. They handle young plants in blocks or modules with a rotating tray holder for 6 trays, tackling 4,000-5,000 plants per hour, per row. The Mono Drive Transplanter has a 12-perforating cup rotating distributor, with 6 perforating cups on the Twin Drive.

Both models offer a wide variety of working widths and row spacing. The Twin Drive gives 30cm-110cm between rows and a minimum of 20cm between plants. The Mono Drive offers 45cm-170 cm between rows, with 12cm-60cm between plants. Both machines have manual row markers.

Requiring only 35-hp, the transplanters easily pair with small lightweight tractors seeing that they can be used in polytunnel and greenhouses. The mulch layer needs a 25-hp machine.

All machines are available for immediate delivery.