Krone launches new general purpose GX forage wagon

  • Krone’s general purpose forage wagon offers a new level of versatility and gentle and fast unloading of a wide variety of cargo, including vegetable and root crops
  • The GX machine is available in two sizes – 44m3 and 52m3 – with two optional discharge rollers
  • The GX 440 rides on tandem axles and the GX 520 on a tridem unit, with both models featuring standard Isobus operation

Cargo is unloaded by a powerful fabric belt floor that is operated by two chains. Together with the see-through headboard the belt floor forms the unloading unit, which is operated by two hydromotors. This is an extremely gentle way of unloading, because the forage moves slowly and consistently to the rear without squeezing. After the machine is cleared, the chains pull the unloading unit back to the front end.

The unloading mechanism only slightly shifts the centre of gravity, preventing the risk of tipping over. At the same time, the body remains in its horizontal position, allowing the machine to unload in low buildings.

The GX has a low deadweight with sides made of light-weight yet strong and smooth GFP panels with narrowly spaced stanchions for maximum stability. Its enclosed chassis and the sloping mudguards minimise build up of waste material. Telescoping sides reduce load-over heights hydraulically by up to 700mm.

The unloading unit is driven by two hydraulic motors (a 200cm3 motor on the GX 440 and two 250cm3 motors on the GX 520), providing two unloading speeds of 8m/min and 16m/min. This is achieved with a low horse power tractor requirement. The floor drive can be reversed for loading the machine through the tailgate.

The strong floor belt offers 50t break strength and a PVC surface, which help to reduce friction for non-stick operation. The tensioned floor moves in either direction and will not billow up in empty hauls. The belt also offers cushioning when loading strain vulnerable crops like potatoes. The two reversible flat-link chains withstand high loads with break strength of 25t each.

Optional discharge rollers can be bolted to the tailgate when not in use. They are easily and conveniently attached with two bolts on either end, which fix two claws to the tailboard or to one side wall.

KRONE’s unique ExactUnload rate control unloads by distance travelled, allowing operators to enter the length of the silage pit. From then on, the unloading rate is controlled automatically relative to the tractor’s forward speed. When the machine reaches the end of its preset course it is cleared out completely.

GX’s slim and hydraulic drawbar ensures maximum manoeuvrability and its suspension translates into smooth rides in the field and on the road. Its hydraulic operation makes attachment/removal very easy and increases the ground clearance to up to 70cm for smooth clamping or managing rises.

GX’s steering system can be mechanical or electro-hydraulic. The forced steering system controls the rear axle in a tandem setup and the front and rear axles in tridem setup.

Provided an electronic axle steering system is in place, the steering angle is controlled relative to the current ground speed. Manual operation is possible too when travelling on a slope or steering along the edge of the clamp.

General road safety features include the double rear lights, with optional reflective strips all-round. Crop covers are also available to ensure no material is lost in transport and no crop is lost on the way to the clamp.

The GX is an ISOBUS machine where the operator selects all auto functions and can operate the GX from the ground via a radio remote control.