Krone launches new grassland package and multipurpose trailer at LAMMA

  • Krone officially launched a new grassland machinery package to the UK market at LAMMA. This includes the world’s widest front folding mower, a fully automated wrapper and its new 980 wide body BiG X forager
  • Also making its first appearance in the UK, the company’s GX moving floor trailer was also on display at the event

A front mower with the world’s widest folding cutter bar with a 4m working width, is the first of three machines in Krone’s new grassland package.

According to Jim Holmes, Krone’s national sales manager, the EasyCut mower saves up to 25% cutting time, delivering up to 33% increased efficiency and maximised overlap in the field, thanks to its extra working width. All while still being suitable for UK roads, folding to a 3m transport width.

“The new mower is also manufactured with SafeCut technology, meaning it offers maximum wear-free driveline,” he said.

Next up in the package was the new EasyWrap bale wrapper which saves time and minimises operator risk due to its fully automatic road-to field set up.

Mr Holmes explained that the large diameter rollers allow for heavy bales up to 1,650kg and 165cm high, to be effectively and efficiently wrapped. “The EasyWrap 165 T offers quicker cycle times than the previous 150 model, for maximum efficiency, at a wrapping speed of 40RPM.” he says.

Krone’s biggest forage development on show was the new BiG X 980 forager, which, according to Mr Holmes has been brought to the market as a response to customer demand for a machine that bridges the horsepower gap between the 880 and 1080 models.

“The 980 contains all the features of the 1080, but with a more attainable price tag,” he says “It’s built with an entry level V12 engine to deliver power and fuel efficiency with the best value-for-power over any other Krone forager.”

The final innovation from Krone was a switch up from its core forage focus, as the company presented the UK’s first multipurpose moving floor agricultural trailer.

Mr Holmes says that the GX has versatile year-round uses ranging from transporting high value vegetable crops to woodchip for biomass.

“The GX’s award-winning exact unloading feature delivers the load in an even spread in the desired location. This makes it ideal for loading grain, grass or woodchip onto drying floors.”

He adds that the trailer incorporates excellent safety measures including external LED lighting for visibility, a hydraulic underride guard, and remote control for operation from the ground or cab allows for operation at a safe distance.