Krone launches two new EasyCut B 870 and B 1000 butterfly combinations

Introducing the new EasyCut B 870 and EasyCut B 1000, Krone adds two models to its range of butterfly combinations. Compared with the previous butterfly mowers without conditioners, the new models stand out for a modern design and curved styling, taut curtains and an optimised weight thanks to a new headstock.

Standard features on both models are hydraulic suspension, non-stop impact protection and the Krone SmartCut, SafeCut and DuoGrip systems. The machines are mounted close to the tractor to cat II and III linkages using coupling pins that are supported by three-fold mountings.

A special detail on EasyCut B 870 is the choice of two attachment positions for the mower arm which allows operators to vary the working width between 8.31 m and 8.62 m and adjust overlaps to current requirements. Set to the narrow working width, the mechanism reduces the distance between the two mowers to less than 2 m for maximum overlaps and perfect adaptation to sloping conditions.

Landmark features on the new EasyCut B 1000 butterfly combination are the exemplary operator comfort and the variable 9.28 m -10.00 m work width which is controlled hydraulically from the cab and on the move enabling a flexible response to varying conditions and best overlaps at maximum work widths.

All machine functions are controlled hydraulically from the tractor requiring merely one single-acting and one double-acting spool.

Another very practical detail is the independent mower lift-out control which allows operators to raise only one mower out of work – a particular boon in wedge-shaped fields.


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