Kubota introduces EU Stage V compliant M4 and M5 tractors

Kubota (UK) Ltd has launched the M5002 and M4003 series tractor ranges, with several upgrades over their predecessors, the M5001 and M4002.

Introduced to meet EU Stage V emissions compliance, these updated models include the 66hp M4063, the 74hp M4073, the 96hp M5092 and the 115hp M5112. Where the M4063 can be specified in open-station format with ROPS frame or equipped with a fully-glazed safety cab, the remaining models are only available with a fully glazed safety cab.

“The M4003 is the smallest model in the M-series tractor range, though it packs a considerable punch,” says Henry Myatt, Kubota product manager for M-series tractors. “Both the M4 and M5 are great solutions for those seeking lightweight, yet powerful tractors for use in many applications, including fruit and vegetable production, or for mixed farms for example.”

“And when equipped with turf tyres, both are suited to amenity and sports field use, helped by a high power to weight ratio,” he says. “Without a cab, the M4 weighs just 2,670kg, while the M5 weighs 3,500kg.”

Power for the M4 comes from a 3.3-litre, four-cylinder engine. It meets EU Stage V emissions using a diesel particulate filter (DPF) combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) in a single cannister. The after-treatment package has been integrated beneath the bonnet, delivering low emissions without compromising on visibility to the front and sides of the tractor.

While the engine benefits from 500-hour oil change intervals, the DPF comes with a 6,000-hour cleaning interval – twice that of its predecessor, contributing to lower cost of ownership. DPF regeneration now occurs using lower engine rpm, typically 1,100rpm instead of 2,000rpm.

The M4’s gearbox uses six synchonised speeds in three ranges, creating an 18×18 transmission. With the addition of a Hi-Lo powersplit, this transmission is also available as a 36×36 on the larger M4073 model. All models benefit from an overdrive gear, which delivers a 40kph road speed at 1,945 engine rpm. Cabbed models benefit from the Hi-Lo and declutch button located on the gear lever.

An electro-hydraulic shuttle and dual memory settings for engine rpm improve operator convenience, while an LED work light pack is now fitted as standard for enhanced night-time illumination. M4 models are equipped with 540/540E pto speeds as standard, with 540/1000rpm available as an option. Ground speed PTO can also be specified.

An electronic rear linkage control option is available on cabbed models to replace the mechanical controls, and it also adds linkage raise/lower and PTO activation buttons to the left-hand rear mudguard, to simplify implement changing. Hydraulic performance from the Cat II rear three-point linkage includes a 2.5t lift capacity, and 63 litres of hydraulic pump flow, and all M4 models can be fitted with an optional Kubota LA1365 front-end loader.

The more powerful M5 version uses a diesel particulate filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for exhaust after-treatment for its 3.8-litre, four-cylinder engine, to comfortably achieve Stage V emissions regulations.

It too boasts an extended interval of 6,000 hours for DPF servicing, up from 3,000 hours, with regeneration achieved at lower operating revs, thanks to improved filter performance.

Maximum power is 96hp for the M5092 and 115hp for the M5112, with power put down through a 36×36 transmission with an over-drive ratio creating a 40kph road speed at reduced engine revs. Operator convenience includes dual engine rpm memory settings, hydraulic shuttle control and the inclusion of an LED work light package.