Landini REX4 – the benchmark range of specialist tractors – will be on show around Europe in early 2022

  • Early 2022 LAMMA in Birmingham, FIMA in Zaragoza and Fieragicola in Verona are the cities where the stage will be set to see Landini’s new product line-up
  • Joining this line-up will be the REX4 the benchmark range of specialist tractors

Landini REX4 now features Stage V compliant engines thanks to the system that uses a passive regeneration DPF, DOC oxidation catalyst and, for models over 75hp, SCR (selective catalyst reduction) catalytic converter and AdBlue tank with practical quick-access and quick-top-up system.

REX4 includes versatile and efficient tractors, available in the platform version in the F, GE, GB and GT configurations and in the cab version in the V, S, F and GT configurations.

The REX 4-080, 4-090, 4-100, 4-110, 4-120 models offer power outputs ranging from 75hp to 112hp. The Deutz 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 2.9-litre, Turbo Intercooler engines with Common Rail electronic injection provide excellent performance in terms of torque reserve, greater responsiveness and lower fuel consumption. The Engine Memo Switch stores and swiftly recalls the most suitable engine speed to accelerate work.

Special attention was paid to engine maintenance, with dedicated solutions that expanded maintenance intervals from 500 to 1,000 hours.

Among the various transmission configurations, particularly noteworthy is the new Robo-Shift 48 + 16 version with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle and fully robotised H-M-L speed and gear shifting under load, controlled by an ergonomic and intuitive multifunction joystick.

The availability of a chassis custom designed for front and mid-mounted applications further enhances the versatility of the REX4 range.

REX4 also features a state-of-the-art solution to enhance operator comfort: a cab with mechanical suspension and a suspended front axle that is also available for the platform version. Ergonomics and functionality are further enhanced by the Full-LED headlights option, available on all range models.

Ease of driving is further improved by the ADS (Advanced Driving System) system, which can be combined with satellite guidance and telemetry systems.

Landini REX4 is a highly versatile tractor, thanks to its open-centre hydraulic circuit, equipped with a 30 l/min pump for steering and 58 l/min for utility management. A third pump operating in tandem is also available, achieving a total flow rate of 94 l /min at the utilities, delivering 55 l/min at as little as 1500 engine rpm.

Optional spool valves can be added to the basic equipment up to a total of 4 rear spool valves (3 mechanical and 1 electro-hydraulic spool valves with 4 or 6-way flow selector) and up to 3 electro-hydraulic mid-mounted control valves; a configuration with 4 fully electro-hydraulic rear spool valves is also available and can also be combined with a mid-mounted control valve.