Landini to introduce new products at EIMA

  • EIMA International returns in October
  • Held from 19 to 23 October in Bologna, Italy
  • Landini will be showing a host of new products at the show

The most important innovations concern engine emissions, which now stand at Stage V, for the REX 4 range (the top range in specialist tractors), with an extensive restyling of the bonnet, control ergonomics and a series of new functions.

The line-up includes REX 4-080, 4-090, 4-100, 4-110, 4-120 models with outputs ranging from a minimum of 75 Hp to a maximum of 112 Hp. This is thanks to the new generation Deutz engines featuring 4 cylinders and 16 valves, 2.9 litres, Common Rail electronic injection Turbo Intercooler, which guarantee a boost in performance in terms of torque reserve, increased power and lower fuel consumption. As seen on the previous models, the Engine Memo Switch, which stores and swiftly recalls the most suitable engine speed, is also fitted on these versions to accelerate one’s work.

The engines comply with Stage V emission legislation thanks to the innovative system consisting of a passive regeneration diesel particulate filter DPF, a diesel oxidation catalyst DOC and the SCR EAT – System.

The REX4 range includes light and efficient tractors, with cabs available in models V, S, F and GT, or platforms in versions F, GE, GB and GT.

The platform models (GE, GB, F and GT) feature an electronic rear lifting device with a maximum capacity of 2,700 Kg, which can be further increased to 3,200 Kg for the GT version, making it the highest performing tractor in its segment. An additional plus is the availability of the Full-LED lighting system throughout the range.

The tare weight is between 2,600 and 3,200 Kg (for the cab version), with a max. allowed weight of 5,250 Kg, 2140 mm wheelbase (2190 mm for the V version), and a minimum width of 1,000 mm (V).

The versatility of the REX4 models is guaranteed by the open centre hydraulic circuit, equipped with a 30 litre per minute steering pump for easy manoeuvring (even during processing operations), plus a 58 litre per minute service management pump. A third tandem pump connected to the services pump is also available, which makes it possible to achieve a flow rate of 55 litres per minute at just 1,500 rpm.

A total of 4 rear and 3 mid-mounted spool valves can be added to the standard equipment, where a fully electro-hydraulic configuration is also available.

The Eima stand shall also host the REX3 Series, which is now powered by a Stage V engine, featuring innovative technological solutions and a newly designed bonnet. The latter is a restyling that made the specialised Landini a candidate for the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2021 award in the “Best Specialised” category.

The winning features of the new REX3 Series are its compact dimensions: wheelbase 1,950 mm; minimum ground clearance 213 mm; external width from 1,350mm to 1,617mm; and minimum height of the steering wheel from the ground on the platform version 1,256 mm making it the ideal range for use in vineyards/orchards, greenhouses and for vegetables.

In production since last June, Landini Mistral2, takes over and updates the name of the renowned series of compact tractors. Once again, the most innovative aspect involves the engine, which jumps up two levels, from the Yanmar Tier 3 to a Kohler Stage V emission version. The 1.9 litre, 3-cylinder aftercooled turbo engine is the best in its category, boasting a maximum torque of 180 and 200 Nm already available at 1,200 rpm.

Mistral2, also available in the 2-055 and 2-060 versions, make this tractor suitable not only for typical specialised farming applications, but also for urban council work, such as cutting lawns and periodic maintenance of public parks. There are two different configurations: Standard (platform or cab), and GE (ground effect), platform only.

The new range benefits from the renewed Landini family feeling, along with improved aesthetics, providing effective solutions in terms of agility, compactness and environmental sustainability.

Another new exceptionally versatile utility tractor, the Landini 5-085, has also recently become available. Ideal for performing a variety of tasks on the farm and in the fields: it can be used both in sheds and during transportation, during seeding and grass management, ideal for open field operations, such as mowing, baling and harrowing.

Its strong points include the FPT engine, Stage V approved, 3.4 litre, 4 cylinders and 8 valves, Turbo intercooler with Common Rail electronic injection, capable of exploiting all its 75 HP for excellent towing capacity. Landini 5-085 is Best in Class given its torque of 375 Nm at 1,400 rpm, which equates to a tractor with a more powerful engine.

The new Landini Serie 5 Stage V are utility tractors whose comfort, versatility and performance will astound you, making them ideal for open field and farm work. Three models are available, powered by FPT F36 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 3.6-litre, Turbo Intercooler engines with Common Rail electronic injection, delivering 95 hp, 102 hp and 115 hp.

Thanks to the EGR/DOC/DPF/SCR technology, the new 5 Serie 5 are Stage V emission compliant.

There are eight transmission configurations available: from Speed Four 12 Forward + 12 Reverse with mechanical reverse shuttle; to the T-Tronic 48 Forward + 16 Reverse with Hi-Medium-Low, hydraulic reverse shuttle, creeper and, in this case, the Park Lock function is also available.

The pluses of this series boast the versatility of the new hydraulic circuit, aimed at achieving greater productivity, which has a flow rate of up to 82 l/min for services and 32 for steering, as well as 35 litres of oil that can be extracted to move tipping trailers.  Up to 6 hydraulic spool valves are available: 3 mechanically controlled, 1 electrically controlled and, as an option, 2 mid-mounted valves for the front hitch and front loader that can be combined together. Finally, there are three types of rear hitch: mechanical, mechanical with ELS system (Ergonomic Lift System) and electronic.

The Landini L20 front loaders are perfectly integrated and enhance the versatility and operability of the Serie 5. The dedicated Joystick is used to manage various controls

(high/low, load/unload; third and fourth functions; Hi-Lo and HML transmission), while the chassis is designed to prevent reducing ground clearance, thus protecting crops.

The Landini 5-120 Dynamic model is a “Tractor of the Year 2022” finalist in the Best Utility category.

The satellite guidance, controlled by a convenient touch screen display, allows precise steering management whilst the configuration and control of the implements can benefit from the ISObus system to constantly achieve maximum operating performance.

The tractor fleet can also be managed by the Landini Fleet Management telematics system for the control of consumption parameters, hours and areas worked, with a view to improving profitability, productivity and remote diagnostics.

Finally, the Landini Serie 5 has also evolved in terms of scheduled maintenance, with solutions designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large farms.

Landini Series 7 Short Wheelbase is the latest in the high power Stage V emission segment thanks to the HI-eSCR2 exhaust gas treatment system (DOC SCRoF).

The tractors are equipped with new FTP NEF 45, 16-valve, 4.5-litre 4-cylinder engines and FTP NEF 67, 24-valve, 6.7-litre 6-cylinder engines with Turbo Intercooler and Common Rail electronic injection.

These are two models (7-165 and 7-175) with 4-cylinder, 165 and 175 Hp engines thanks to the Dual Power system and two other models (7-170 and 7-180) with 6-cylinder, 175 Hp engines.

Landini REX4 Electra – Evolving Hybrid – winner of the Eima International Technical Innovation Award will be present in Bologna from 23 to 19 October.

A REX4-series-based design, and already renowned for its manoeuvrability, ease of use and economic performance, REX4 Electra – Evolving Hybrid features an innovative electric front wheel drive with independent wheels, brake energy recovery, a cab with electronically controlled semi-active suspension and a robotised transmission that lets you select speed using a joystick.

This combination of technological improvements guarantees 10% fuel savings, a 15% wider steering angle and greater stability in transport mode, fully integrating with the current electric steering system. Moreover, the improvement in comfort can be clearly appreciated both in the field and on the road, with 15% less vibration transmitted to the driver.

Argo Tractors has revamped both the mechanical and the electrical components of this original project. This is something that testifies to the company’s passion for the renewal of agricultural mechanisation, confirming it as the undisputed sector leader at a worldwide level.