Largest screw press separator optimises process

  • With the new press screw separator PSS 8, FAN Separator is expanding its portfolio with a machine having sufficient capacity to replace two or three smaller machines, providing savings in energy consumption, manpower and peripheral equipment

The high output of the new PSS 8, which is capable of 65cu m per hour, makes it suited to very large dairy farms wanting to ease the management, storage and field application of cow slurry, as well as for large-scale biogas production.

Separation of solids and liquids in farm slurry opens up effective and valuable options for further processing and reuse, especially as the solid material can be turned into compost or used as an attractive bedding material, particularly for dairy cows housed in cubicle sheds.

The liquid fraction, meanwhile, can more easily be managed, stored and spread on fields as fertiliser, one option being a ‘dirty water’ irrigation system.

With its impressive dimensions of 3.6m x 0.9m and height of 1.3m up to the inlet, the PSS 8 separator, developed for continuous operation on large farms, is an extremely robust machine.

The proven FAN press screw concept has been retained while the components have been enlarged: The 2200mm long and 350kg heavy auger is additionally supported by a head bearing. With a diameter of 400mm, the screen is also generously sized.

The built-in auger is driven by a 30kW electric motor running at 400V/50Hz.

Fed with cattle manure with a dry matter content of 7 to 9%, the PSS 8 achieves a throughput of up to 65cu m per hour, the moisture content or dryness of the extracted solids being varied by the number and position of counterweights using a patented output regulator.

Users can be confident of constant output and a high-quality material: the dry matter content, once set, remains unchanged throughout the entire period of use, with up to 36% dry matter content in the solids achievable consistently.

Like the entire FAN product range, the PSS 8 is built from carefully selected materials, with the screw featuring wear-resistant reinforcement, and all parts that come into contact with the slurry being made of stainless steel to ensure an exceptionally long lifespan for the machine.

Thanks to the floating screen bearing and the associated continuous cleaning of the screen by the screw, the PSS 8 remains almost wear-free even over long operating periods., and good access makes routine maintenance quick and easy.

With its large dimensions and increased throughput, a single PSS 8 can replace two or more smaller machines. Energy costs, space usage and labour in connection with operating the necessary peripheral equipment, such as pump stations, are all reduced.

This saves time and money, decreases the environmental footprint and makes the PSS 8 an important ambassador for a green future.

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