Latest press roll ring to be launched at LAMMA 24

  • Agricast will unveil its latest press roll ring on Stand 320 in Hall 20 at LAMMA 24

 Agricast, which has been supplying Cambridge roll rings, disc blades, subsoiler wear parts and custom-made packers for over 35 years, will use January’s event to launch its 560mm lightweight ring (PRR-560-LW).

The PRR-560-LW is the fourth product to feature in Agricast’s press roll ring range, which was introduced in 2018 and also includes the 610, 710 and 610-LW.

Designed to work with the Simba Mounted Xpress machine and retrofittable to other cultivators such as the McConnel Shaker, the new ring has a 560mm diameter, making it slightly larger than the original and is also slightly thicker to give the ring greater durability and longevity.

“Our new 560mm lightweight ring completes our range of press roll rings,” says William Robinson, managing director. “Our PRR 610 and 710s have been incredibly well received since they were introduced in 2018. Since then, we have sold more than 150 tonnes of this style of ring and are only starting to see our first customers ordering replacement rings – that’s how well they’re made and how long they last!

“The new 560mm lightweight ring, which will be on stand at LAMMA and is in stock now, has been developed in response to enquiries from people wanting us to complete our range, so we’re confident it will be a popular product.”

William spent 18 months developing Agricast’s first two press roll rings, which fit Double Press and CultiPress packers.

The Agricast PRRs are manufactured from heat-treated Boron steel, which, because they work more passively than a disc blade, will offer greater longevity than cast ring wheels. Like the previous version, Agricast’s PRR is a closed wheel, preventing stones from jamming in them, which can happen with cast rings. Agricast has also improved the design by adding small cutaways to the outer edge, which improves traction and the wheel’s ability to shatter or fissure hard, dry soil.

“As well as being around 30% cheaper than the original, Agricast’s Press Roll Ring offers greater durability, being 6mm thick rather than 5mm. With 20% more metal in these rings to start with, we are offering a longer-lasting product that will not wear through as quickly on the shoulders,” adds William.

One farmer and large-scale contractor in South Yorkshire using a 5m Watkins Quad Till is pleased with how Agricast’s PRRs have performed: “In 2018, we fitted Agricast’s 610 PRRs instead of original Simba blades. The last set of Simba blades covered around 9,000 to 10,000 acres before we needed to replace them. The first set of Agricast PRR blades did around 12,000 acres, and the second set, which is on the machine now, is wearing equally well. Both sets have withstood impact damage from limestone far better than the OEM parts.”

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