Latest range of trailing shoe boom previewed at Agritechnica

  • The Danish Group Samson has extended its range of organic fertiliser application equipment with the addition of a new range of Trailing Shoe Boom, the Samson TSB.

This technology allows the fertiliser to be applied precisely and enhances the use of nutrients in the soil. In a context where the impact of agricultural activity on the environment is an international priority, the Samson brand is proud to unveil this new solution at AGRITECHNICA. Thanks to its unique design Samson promises with the TSB better flow rates, field contour tracking and precision application.

The trailing shoe boom is available in two versions: TSB1 (1 vertical distributor) and TSB2 (2 vertical distributors). To date, the TSB range offers working widths between 7.50 m and 24 m with many unique features. The TSB is supplied in various working widths to fulfill the costumers needs in terms of tramline systems and field planning. This allows the natural fertiliser to be applied where it is needed. The boom design makes it easy to integrate on all types of slurry tanker, whether new or already in service. From grasslands to stubble fields, cereals and crops, the TSB is characterized by its flexibility. It ensures precise surface application of natural fertiliser and can be used on all types of soils.

“We have tested the performance of this range over several years with our international customers. The boom was used in harsh conditions with different users and country-specific constraints. Among the goals we wanted to achieve, the ability to follow field contours was a priority,” says Niels Hagemann Haubjerg, Head of Product Management of the Samson Group. The boom design ensures uniform application of fertiliser even on hilly or uneven terrain. As an option on the TSB2 model, Samson offers the Active Contour System. This technology releases the wings of the boom so that it adapts without constraint to the contours of the field.

“The Samson trailing shoe design is protected by patent. It has been designed to combine performance with minimal maintenance costs. To this end, a wear indicator shows the operator when the central wear part reaches end of life. Switching is simple and takes less than a minute”, says Niels Hagemann Haubjerg. The central wearing part guarantees a consistent ground pressure throughout the entire life span. Finally, the shape of the slurry nozzle has been designed to improve the flow rate of the natural fertiliser. Accuracy is possible even with high capacities.

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