Launch of Manitou MLT 961 NewAg XL telehandler

  • Manitou Group is expanding its NewAg XL telehandler range with a new, high-performance model designed for very intensive applications
  • After launching the MLT 841 and 1041 telehandlers at the end of 2020, the Group launches the MLT 961-160 V+ L, the most powerful model in the NewAg XL range
  • This telehandler with leveling can handle loads of up to 6 t for a lifting height of 9 m. Intended for large farms, cooperatives and agro-industry, but also waste disposal sites, this model is available in two versions: with a Stage V / Final Tier 4 engine (MLT) for European and American markets, and a Stage IIIA version (MLT-X) for the rest of the world.

With a new 156 hp engine delivering 805 Nm of torque at only 1,350 rpm and a hydraulic flow of 200 l/min, this model gives a very high performance, even at low engine speeds. A new 4,500 L bucket, specifically designed and approved for the new MLT 961-160 V+ L, strengthens performance still further. With a width of 2.70 m, which is wider than the machine, this bucket allows users to avoid driving over the material while increasing work output.

The CVT M-Vario Plus transmission offers the user the choice of two modes with a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Comfort mode provides a smooth ride for more precision, and dynamic mode generates faster acceleration for greater productivity. The drawbar pull has also improved, increasing by more than 30% (compared with the previous MLT 961 version) for even greater efficiency. Arnaud Sochas, Product Manager, said: “The new engine delivers 10% more power than the previous version and a torque increase of 50%. Combined with the high-capacity 4,500 L bucket, this comprehensive machine/attachment solution ensures a very high work output in the most intensive loading and recovery applications.” To achieve even greater gains, the High View camera option, fitted to the boom head, provides a perfect view inside the trailer to optimize filling operations.

Equipped with one of the quietest cabins on the market the new model is comparable to those of high-range tractors, this cabin reduces noise levels to just 69 dbA. Safety is also enhanced, with lighting under the door, which improves visibility on the Easy-Step when getting in and out of the driver’s cabin, even in the dark. In another development that provides better visibility, the cabin has been repositioned higher up for an optimal view all around the machine.

Available optionally or as standard on the Platinum finish, a new adaptive air suspension seat with heating and electric lumbar adjustment reduces vibrations by more than 50% for optimal protection of the operator’s back. To reduce fatigue in the cabin even more, the JSM Autopower function allows the operator to control the engine speed directly with the joystick without using the accelerator pedal or the manual accelerator. Specific storage spaces are provided to enhance user comfort, including a tool box fitted under the cabin for easier access.

Like the MLT 841/1041 models, the MLT 961 NewAg XL model is available in four levels of finish: Classic, Premium, Elite and Platinum**. The Stage V and Stage IIIA versions are both now available on the market. The NewAg XL range offers a very high level of performance and comfort and a very low operating cost. With this new model, the Manitou NewAg XL range is expanded to offer a comprehensive range of high-end models.