LOZOVA MACHINERY adds an updated compact disc harrow with a width of 8 meters to its range

Lozova claims the new harrow will please even the most demanding customers with its functionality and thoughtful technical solutions.

A significant advantage of the unit is its zero-maintenance principle. Lozova also says there should be no worries about operating costs as the DUCAT-8 has no lubrication points, even on the hydraulic cylinder joints.

All moving mechanisms of the harrow are equipped with plain bearings made of high-strength wear-resistant polymers. Application of reinforcing materials and special lubricants reduces friction and completely eliminates the lubrication of structures throughout the entire service life of the harrow.

Listening to the numerous requests from farmers for more convenient operation, it is now possible to adjust the depth of the rollers in two ways. In addition to pin adjustment, the depth of roller penetration can be adjusted by means of hydraulics.

The useful features of the harrow include a new system of folding to transport dimensions of 3×4 meters, as well as the function of increasing ground clearance when transporting by means of withdrawal of the support wheel. Moreover, replacement rollers are available for different types of soils and conditions.

In general, with the DUCAT-8 farmers will reduce additional costs for maintenance of equipment, reduce the time of field works and minimize unproductive downtime due to repairs and maintenance.

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