Lynx announces arrival of new monster dyno

The engine performance of some of the world’s biggest combines and tractors can now be accurately tested here in the UK thanks to the arrival of new EGGERS dynamometer technology at Lynx Engineering.

Lynx has added a mobile EGGERS 735 KW PT 501 G+ PTO brake dynamometer to its dyno range. Capable of accurately measuring and verifying the torque, power and performance of engines up to 1000hp, Lynx claims the new dyno could well be the most powerful of its type in the UK. This latest addition to the Lynx EGGERS range complements the mobile 600 KW PT 301 units which are designed for testing engines up to a maximum of 455hp for full-load curve testing and 800hp for rapid testing – still more than enough power to test most tractors and harvesters.

Lynx is the sole UK importer of EGGERS dynamometers from Germany-based KL Maschinenbau, which specializes in the development and manufacture of dynamometers for agricultural machinery and engines. Dealers across the UK and Ireland can either book dyno tests to be conducted by a Lynx technician on the dealer’s premises, or dynamometers can be purchased through Lynx and, if necessary, supported with training.

As with other units in the EGGERS range, the PT 501 G+ measures torque and rotational speed separately. The generator, which is used to load the engine, incorporates a hub to measure torque and a speed sensor to record revolutions per minute. From these precisely measured values, the control electronics calculate the performance of the engine under test against the specified power profile. Because the generator is used as a braking medium with the sole task of loading the engine and not for power measurement, any potential inaccuracies such as constantly changing efficiencies of the generator are eliminated.

Quickly and easily calibrated, the dynamometer can be shut down immediately after the test without the need for after-cooling.

One of the most important features of the EGGERS testing package resides within the system’s PowerControl software. Engine performance can be affected by the prevailing weather conditions. When the air temperature is colder, the engine performance will be higher. This is because air density is higher at lower temperatures. The PowerControl software compensates for this differential by controlling the delivery of an engine’s rated performance at an air intake temperature of 20°C and an air pressure of 1013 mbar. If the same power unit is measured in colder conditions, say at a temperature of 5°C, the software back-calculates the performance to replicate the original testing parameters. This makes it possible to compare two measurements from a single tractor or harvester, the first of which could be in summer and the second in winter.

Moreover, adjustment allows the measurement to be compared with the manufacturer’s data, since these are always based on the standard values. EGGERS dynamometers are a vital item of equipment used on the inspection lines of major manufacturers including John Deere, Claas, Deutz-Fahr, Case IH, Fendt and others.

The software runs on all current Windows-based PCs and Laptops, with free updates downloadable online. Data transfer from the test stand to the computer is via the RS 232 interface, USB or Bluetooth, which offers a very secure connection that, unlike radio transmission, does not impact on any other devices.

PowerControl is also available as an App for Android tablets. All measurements are saved on hard disk and can thus be recalled and printed at any time.


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