Magnum AFS Connect offers next level data monitoring and management with new cab comfort

  • Case IH has launched the seventh generation of its flagship conventional tractor; the new Magnum AFS® Connect

The launch comes three decades after the first Magnum tractor was unveiled to the world’s farmers, with over 150,000 Magnum tractors having been set to work in farms around the world since then.

External updates include a full-length door and new styling and lighting, but some of the most significant upgrades are inside the cab and the tractor itself, resulting in a tractor that helps the operator and owner manage farming operations with new levels of precision and connectivity.

In 1995, Case claim the AFS (Advanced Farming Systems) set the industry benchmark for precision farming. ‘AFS Connect’ is Case IH’s telematics solution, which is now an integral part of the new Magnum itself. That’s why ‘AFS Connect’ is part of the tractor’s name.

The range has been extended with the introduction of the Magnum 400 with PowerDrive transmission for even heavier and more demanding applications. This new model is rated at 400 horsepower with a maximum of 435 horsepower.

“The new Magnum development began when we set out to research and understand what users today are looking for in this class and size of tractor, spending time with farmers across the world to maximise our understanding of their needs and requirements,” said Aron Oechsner, Case IH Global Product Manager for Magnum.

“It was an exercise that involved manufacturing, marketing and quality standards staff not just from the Magnum plant in Racine, USA, but also from Case IH around the world, enabling them to exchange and compare ideas around what was important in different countries and global regions, from North America to South Africa to Australia and beyond.

“From this we tested concepts both in the 3D design facility at our Burr Ridge research and development site in Illinois, USA, and out in the field. The result is a new range that recognises the broad needs of farmers across those regions, and while it meets the requirements of those innovative, forward-thinking farmers who are exploiting the potential of new precision technology, it does so in a way that retains ease of operation for those who may be less technology-minded,” he said.

Apart from the visible facelift, it’s the Magnum’s new level of connectivity that presents the biggest upgrade in the latest series.

Contained within its redesigned cab and controls, AFS Connect provides the seamless, instant transfer and recording of tractor data.

This includes everything from the location of the machine to how it is performing and what it may require such as fuel or upcoming maintenance. Data, such as area worked or application rates, is also recorded and transferred securely in real time.

A new two-way link between the new AFS Pro 1200 display inside the Magnum AFS Connect cab, and the AFS Connect portal provides the gateway to the management of data.

Secure wireless data transfer means no requirement for manual movement of data using USB memory sticks, eliminating the associated risk of loss or damage. Farm owners and managers can also then have the freedom to share selected agronomic data with third-party partners of their choosing – such as their agronomist – and tractor operating data with their dealer, to help identify service or operating issues and get the best from their machine.

AFS Connect technology also makes it possible for remote display viewing of the tractor’s AFS Pro 1200 display, providing greater insight into what’s needed to optimise operations, without physically needing to be in the tractor with the operator.

“Operator environment advances include a new swivel seat, improved aircon, heating and ventilation systems, and new car-style controls,” Mr Savinov said.

“Even conveniences such as in-cab storage and charging and data ports have been considered, with a new full glass door and wiper option improving visibility.

“The new Magnum AFS Connect has a lot to offer—it really is a huge leap in tractor design— and we are very proud that it will now be available to farmers in South Africa,” he said.

The range for Southern African markets includes the Magnum 280, Magnum 310, Magnum 340, Magnum 380 and Magnum 400 models – with maximum power outputs of 351, 382, 409, and 435hp respectively. The Magnum 400 is available with heavy duty 21/5 PowerDrive transmission. All models feature 8.7-litre FPT Industrial Cursor 9 six-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engines.