Massey Ferguson launches new all-rounder 5S tractor series

  • New versatile 5S Series launched by Massey Ferguson
  • Suitable for dairy, livestock and arable sector farms
  • Range includes 5 models with power from 105hp to 145hp
  • The models are MF 5S.105, MF 5S.115, MF 5S.125, MF 5S.135, MF 5S.145, with the last three numbers referring to the power of that model

STICKING to its core values of introducing tractors suitable for all uses Massey Ferguson has just launched its new versatile 5S Series.

With something to give for dairy, livestock and arable sector farms the new MF5S Series includes five new models from 105hp to 145hp.

Powered by AGCO Power 4.4 litre, four cylinder engines the new 5S Series models are: MF 5S.105, MF 5S.115, MF 5S.125, MF 5S.135, MF 5S.145, with the last three numbers referring to the power of that model.

With its compact dimensions, 2.55m wheelbase, superb visibility, high hydraulic flow and control, the MF 5S is suitable for loader work and all models can be supplied loader ready, or now come equipped with a factory-fitted loader from the Massey Ferguson MF FL Series.

Rear linkage lift capacity is increased to 5,700kg across the range, and up to 6,000kg in some specific circumstances, while the new, stronger front linkage capacity is increased from 2,500kg to an impressive 3,000kg.

Coupled with a higher 9,500kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), this allows the tractors to safely handle wider implements to improve work rates.

Latest Smart Farming technology further improves output and efficiency with easy to use precision farming features, including MF Connect telemetry, MF Guide auto-steering, MF Section Control and MF Rate Control.

All five MF 5S Series tractors are available with the choice of Essential, Efficient or Exclusive specifications.

Exclusive models are ‘fully loaded’ including, among other options, 110 litre/min hydraulics with up to eight electric spool valves, hydraulic joystick, Multipad control, AutoDrive transmission, auto air-con, cab suspension, Superluxe air suspended seat and Datatronic 5 touch-screen terminal.

Efficient specification is similar, but has two electric and two mechanical spools at the rear, standard air-con and an air-suspended seat, while the Datatronic 5 terminal becomes an option.

Essential models switch to using a T-lever gear control in place of the Multipad, with the hydraulic joystick an option and AutoDrive replaced by Speedmatching on the Dyna-4 transmission. It has a 58 litre/min hydraulic pump and two rear mechanical spool valves, up to four as an option.

All MF 5S Series tractors are available with a choice of Massey Ferguson’s 16×16 speed, Dyna-4 or 24×24 Dyna-6, semi-powershift transmissions. Highly efficient and easy to use, both come with the useful Brake-to-Neutral function.

MF Connect telemetry is an option on all MF 5S Series, allowing users to monitor their entire machinery fleet, showing the machines’ current positions, routes travelled as well as a range of operating information.

Datatronic 5 offers intuitive operation and is standard on Exclusive models and an option on others. This ISOBUS compatible touch-screen operator information station monitors all the tractor functions and controls any ISOBUS compliant implement.

All the elements in the MF Technologies/Smart Farming Suite run through Datatronic 5. These include MF Guide automatic steering, as well as MF Section Control and MF Rate Control, which can now handle up to 36 sections and five products.

Datatronic 5 is pre-installed with MF TaskDoc software to create field records, as applied maps, log fuel use, make job reports as well as keep an accurate account of all inputs to every hectare.

Further easing operations is MF TaskDoc Pro that enables this data to be transferred, via Agrirouter, to the user’s farm management software or Next Machinery Management. Alternatively these functions can also be controlled on an optional Fieldstar 5 touch-screen terminal.


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