Massey Ferguson launches new auto control E-Loader function

By Chris McCullough

  • Massey Ferguson operators that use a tractor loader combination have now got access to a new tool that can help boost their work.

With the aid of the new MF E-Loader auto-control function, operators can increase their loading efficiency, accuracy, productivity and safety on front loader applications.

Easily operated through the Datatronic 5 touchscreen, MF E-Loader enables operators to monitor the loader functions, weigh individual loads, automate the grapple operation as well as set-up and save automatic sequences for different loading cycles.

Operators can also use MF E-Loader to pre-set upper and lower lift limits and set angles for the attachment operation.

Automatic weighing, on-the-move, brings added precision to a range of work from filling feeder wagons to logging bale weights. It is also useful for accurately recording the weight of bulk-produce that is either being sold off-farm or being bought-in, automatically weighing and recording each item, load or job.

When filling a feeder, for example, operators can set the target and set it to count down and sound an alert when this close to being reached. Weights can be recorded individually, as separate loads or daily totals.

Up to 20 different counter memories and implement settings can be saved to easily recall preferred user settings. Data can be exported in a USB stick as a CSV file, as a simple spreadsheet, to keep track of every single activity the loader performs.

As well as activating the new Bucket Shake option, MF E-Loader also allows operators to adjust the hydraulic flow and choose the positions, either pre-set, manual or with float.

Repetitive loading cycles can be simplified with easy to set automation. Operators can pre-set upper and lower limits for lifting and lowering implements as well as the bucket/fork position. It also automates the bucket inclination auto-tilt and auto-dump, along with a grab, combining the functions so the grab opens and closes with loader movements.

Thierry Lhotte, MF vice president, said: “MF E-Loader takes loading operations to the next level of ease of use, precision and performance. It joins a range of smart, clever and unique features on Massey Ferguson tractors that are specifically designed to enhance loader performance.

“On top of superb manoeuvrability there’s excellent visibility over the slim, low bonnet, while the Visio Roof improves the view of the load through the lift range.

“High hydraulic output options speed-up operations while shuttle transmissions, brake-to-neutral and a dedicated multi-function joystick also make Massey Ferguson the natural choice for materials handling,” he said.

Many tractor models are now also available with a fully integrated and factory-fitted loader subframe. Designed for maximum manoeuvrability and maintenance access, it forms a perfect combination, becoming an integral part of the tractor. Selected models are also available from the factory complete with subframe with the MF FL loader ready-mounted.

MF E-Loader is available now for the new MF 5S, MF 6S and MF 7S and, from April 2022, the MF 8S.