Massey Ferguson MF 8S Series introduces a new era of straightforward, dependable and connected tractors

Massey Ferguson has announced the launch of the completely new MF 8S Series, which introduces a new era of Straightforward and Dependable tractors, delivering new levels of comfort and efficiency for fully connected smart and sustainable farming.

Designed for farmers by farmers, following seven years of testing around the globe and extensive customer consultations, the MF 8S Series delivers exactly what operators want. While equipped with superb specifications, at the same time it offers exceptional value for money by ensuring owners will only pay for what they need.

“Our MF NEXT visionary concept, shown for the first time at Agritechnica in 2019, is now reality,” says Thierry Lhotte, Vice President & Managing Director Massey Ferguson, Europe & Middle East. “Last November we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which made the impossible become possible. Now it is time to deliver that vision landing on earth. We are not launching just a tractor, but also marking a new era for our brand.”

There are 4 completely new MF 8S Series tractor models all featured by the unique “Protect-U” cab/engine installation and a radical ‘neo-retro’ design. Built on a 3.05m wheelbase they offer maximum power from 205hp to 265hp, all with an extra 20hp from Engine Power Management (EPM).

At the same time Massey Ferguson introduces new, straightforward numbering. Taking as example the MF 8S.265 model: the 8 stands for the Series, the S stands for the specification level and the last three digits are the maximum power.

The launch of the MF 8S Series heralds a completely new era for Massey Ferguson, introducing an enhanced user experience encompassing the benefits of connectivity and smart farming technologies.

To meet the demand of modern, sustainable farming Massey Ferguson combines state-of-the-art machinery with a comprehensive range of fully connected services to help customers manage their businesses more effectively.

Finance, extended warranty, and courtesy machines can be fully integrated into the package. With MF Connect Telemetry and the new MyMF Customer Portal (depending on countries) users can manage their fleets with MF cloud-based solutions.

“This completely new design delivers the next level of straightforward and dependable tractors that operators asked for,” says Mr Lhotte. “They told us they need a tractor that is comfortable, with unrivalled visibility, efficient, easy to use and smart. Massey Ferguson has responded straight to the point with the MF 8S and the associated services.”




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