McCormick X4F ideal for row-crop operations in narrow spaces

  • McCormick X4F is the new specialist tractor that combines McCormick’s hallmark power and technology with versatility and lightweight for manoeuvring in tight spaces
  • This makes it the ideal tractor for all row-crop operations in the narrow spaces found in orchards and vineyards

Stage V compliance is guaranteed by the innovative system that uses a passive regeneration DPF, DOC oxidation catalyst and, for models over 75 hp, SCR (selective catalyst reduction) catalytic converter and AdBlue® tank with practical quick-access and quick-top-up system.

The engine maintenance interval has been extended to 1,000 hours, significantly reducing operating costs and downtime.

McCormick X4F comes in the configuration with P3-Drive 48AV+16RM transmission with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle and fully robotised H-M-L speed and gear shifting under load, controlled by the new-generation multifunction joystick that accommodates all controls.

X4F is characterised by its high traction capacity, as well as a comfortable ride on the road, made possible by the new cab with mechanical suspension, the suspended front axle and, last but not least, the ADS (Advanced Driving System), which can be connected to satellite-guidance and telemetry systems.

The front axle is manufactured by Argo Tractors and features a limited-slip or Hydralock differential lock, again with electro-hydraulically engaged four-wheel drive. This solution ensures greater efficiency when using front-mounted implements, which can be installed directly on the load-bearing chassis or, as an option, operated using the fully integrated front hitch and PTO.

X4F is equipped with an open-centre hydraulic circuit, with a 30 l/min pump for steering and 58 l/min for utilities. A third, 36-l/min pump can also be added operating in tandem with the utility pump to achieve a total flow rate of 94 l/min, of which 55 l/min at as little as 1,500 engine rpm.