McCormick’s X5 Stage V tractor will be on show in Europe early in 2022

  • McCormick tractors will be highlighted at the main agricultural machinery exhibitions scheduled to take place in Europe early in 2022
  • Taking its place as part of the show will be McCormick’s X5 Stage V machine

McCormick X5 Stage V offers three models, X5.100, X5.110 and X5.120 with power outputs ranging from 95hp to 114hp. They are available in Premium and Efficient versions. The new High Clearance version, particularly suitable for horticulture, comes in two models, both in the Efficient version, namely the 95hp X5.100HC and the 102hp X5.110HC.

Transmissions range from 48+16 with hydraulic reverse shuttle and Hi-Medium-Low (Premium) to 12+12 or 24+24 with mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle (Efficient and HC).

The hydraulic system provides 62 l/min for utilities in the Efficient and HC versions and up to 82 l/min in the Premium version.

The maximum capacity of the rear lifting equipment is 3900kg (HC) and 4500kg with additional cylinders for the standard versions.

McCormick X5 sports the suspended cab option, which can be combined with the suspended front axle in the Premium versions, for guaranteed excellent operator comfort through every stage of operations (open field, front loader and transport) and outstanding grip on the ground.

The 75hp 3.4-litre, 4-cylinder and 8-valve FPT Turbo intercooler engine with Common Rail electronic injection guarantees excellent response and high elasticity, enhanced by a torque of 375 Nm at 1,400 rpm, values normally associated with 100hp tractors.

Its power and agility are also enhanced by the category 2 mechanically-controlled rear lifting system with a capacity of 3,900 kg, which is precise and easy to use thanks to the ELS system (ergonomic lift system).

The McCormick X5.085 also comes with arrangements for the McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management system, designed to determine tractor efficiency by measuring fuel consumption, hours of operation and scheduled maintenance.