Michelin tyres help potato farmer keep crop in top shape

Impressed with the performance of the original equipment rubber, farmer FG Pryor & Son has chosen an identical set of replacement VF 380/85 R34 149A8/B TL Michelin YieldBib tyres for its Bateman RB35 sprayer – primarily used to support potato and cereal crops on Colwyn Farm in Cornwall.
YieldBib tyres can carry the same load as a standard technology tyre, but with up to 40 per cent reduced inflation pressure and without compromising on robustness. They also boast Very High Flexion (VF) casings, giving a 24 per cent larger surface footprint which helps to spread the machine’s weight over a larger surface area for less ground compaction.
To retain optimal tyre performance benefits, the VF 380/85 R34 149A8/B TL YieldBib can carry up to 3,250 kgs per tyre, working at a maximum speed of 50 kph, when inflated to 23 psi.
Other key features include stubble-deflecting lugs and an anti-stubble belt in the tread area, designed to strengthen the main zone at risk of damage caused by stubble, bolstering the tyres’ durability.
Commenting on their performance, Warwick Pryor, driver and farmhand at FG Pryor & Son says: “They have a very high load rating for their size, particularly when you consider how narrow they are. Compared to other tyres of the same size on the market, the YieldBibs travel much better in the tramlines, which helps us to protect the soil and limits the damage to the crops.”

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