Mitas expands its agriculture tyre range with the HC 3000 R

  • The Mitas HC (High Capacity) radial tyre range expands its offering with the new HC 3000 R tyre – a new tyre for harvesting machinery and other heavy agricultural equipment
  • Boasting the largest-ever tyre in the Mitas HC range – the VF 1000/65R32 CFO – the HC 3000 R tyre features Very High Flexion (VF) technology and rounded shoulder sections, denoted by the R in its name

Unlike other tyres in the Mitas HC range that are primarily used on combine harvesters, the new HC 3000 R tyre is designed for self-propelled slurry tankers. “We developed this new tyre in response to market demand for a high load capacity tyre for slurry tankers, equipping it with a new and highly soil-friendly tread pattern,” explains Pavel Kott, Product Manager for Mitas agricultural tyres.

High load capacity and gentle ground handling – especially when turning in fields or on grassland – are the main advantages of the HC 3000 R, which features a new rounded shoulder design and flexible sidewalls reinforced with VF construction.

Thanks to the innovative carcass structure, the tyres have up to 40% higher load capacity than standard tyres – no matter the speed – making the HC 3000 R great for cyclic field operations in which the load on the machine frequently changes.

As the tyres can be used at lower inflation pressure, HC 3000 R tyres also have excellent traction and reduced slippage, which results in better fuel economy and productivity. “These features provide great benefits from the economic perspective and in terms of reducing environmental impact,” adds Kott.