More comfort, capacity, power and productivity from compact grape harvesters

  • New BRAUD 7.50M, 7.30L and 8.50L replace BRAUD 7030M, 7030L and 8030L
  • Power increase and new transmission on all models boosts productivity
  • More hopper capacity for less emptying downtime
  • Harvesting head updates for enhanced harvest performance

New Holland is renewing its compact self-propelled grape harvester offering with the release of an updated range for 2024. Characterized by new styling, the BRAUD 7.50M, 7.30L and 8.50L models supersede the BRAUD 7030M, 7030L and 8030L, and offer enhanced comfort, capacity, power and productivity thanks to new and updated features in multiple areas.

All machines incorporate FPT four-cylinder engines without exhaust gas recirculation, but while the BRAUD 7.30L retains the same 128hp power and 3,100- litre hopper capacity figures as the BRAUD 7030L it replaces, the BRAUD 7.50M and BRAUD 8.50L both feature a 16hp power increase, to 144hp, for faster workrates in challenging conditions. These two machines also benefit from a 500-litre hopper volume boost, to 2,800 litres on the BRAUD 7.50M/1,600 litres on Opti-Grape™ versions, and 3,600 litres on the 8.50L/2,400 litres on Opti-Grape™ II versions. All models feature the latest IntelliView™ IV Plus touchscreen operating terminal, upgraded seat options and LED lighting, and on IV PLUS all apart from the BRAUD 7.30L, locking of the machine’s levelling system is automated when moving from field to road mode.

The SDC Shaking system features a new pinch adjustment arrangement on all machines that ensures consistent vine shaking whatever the thickness of the vegetation, with a jack-free locking system for simple pinch adjustment from the cab that also eases cleaning procedures. Optimized shaker plates, standard on the BRAUD 7.50M and optional on the BRAUD 8.50L, are turned on automatically at the fruiting zone, and can be individually removed in less than two minutes by removing one bolt per shaker.

Optional features include Opti-Grape™ II cleaning and cane removal systems. Available on 24” or 28” wheels, with optional front axle suspension, the BRAUD 8.50L is now also compatible with the SupAir high-capacity sprayer from Berthoud. Further options include a static weighing system and 3.05 m unloading height on augerconfigured machines, allowing discharge of a full 3,600-litres load onto trucks or trailers with a 3.0m net height. A destemmer is optional on all models except those with a 3m unload height, while Opti-Grape™ II can be specified on the BRAUD 7.50M and BRAUD 8.50L, offering a potential capacity boost of up to 30%.

All models feature a revised, more efficient hydrostatic transmission to provide operators with full confidence on slopes. An automatic height/lateral tilt correction (CDHA) system on the BRAUD 8.50L provides up to 30% slope correction, while machine height can be raised by up to 600mm on the BRAUD 8.50L and 500mm on BRAUD 7.50M and BRAUD 7.30L models, with three levels of adjustment. Machine height and headland height are both recordable.

A front axle suspension option enhances comfort particularly on the road, while also ensuring the wheels are kept in contact with the ground when climbing slopes, supplemented by a traction control system. Suspension is activated automatically at road speeds, or via a button on the IntelliView™ IV Plus display when in the field.

While it utilises the same software as IntelliView™ IV, the latest IntelliView™ IV Plus features a new main screen, with hardware derived from the large IntelliView™ 12 unit used on other New Holland machines. An inductive type of touchscreen rather than the previously-used capacitive type, it has a better display quality and touchscreen ‘feel’, with faster reactivity. Among other views, it can display the feed from one standard base camera, plus a new rear view monitor, with a total of up to four camera feeds possible.

Operator vision is enhanced through a new front top cab worklight package, with power per light raised from 1,200 to 2,000 lumens, providing a total of 12,000 lumens – 2.5 times more than previously. A new external mirror package aids rearward vision, combining standard and high-angle mirrors in a single unit. Comfort is further enhanced by a new operator’s seat, with full leather upholstery, heating and ventilation, lumbar support and sliding backrest extension.

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