More new grassland product developments from Pottinger

  • The new Jumbo 8000 has a new short chop system
  • Contactless steered axles added to the Jumbo
  • Maintenance times reduced on the benchmark Boss 3000 Master

With the new short chop system, the new JUMBO 8000 chops forage almost 30 percent shorter.   This means even higher forage quality without compromising on loading performance. Protected to a torque of 3,500 Nm, the loader wagon can now deliver higher throughput rates than a self-propelled forage harvester.

The new contactless, electronic steered axles on the JUMBO loader wagon significantly improve operating and driving comfort as well as the reliability of the steering system.

Developed together with ME MOBIL ELEKTRONIK GMBH, the system was launched on the JUMBO loader wagon first.

Finally, the BOSS 3000 MASTER which complements the product range of loader wagons for smaller scale farm businesses and farms in the foothills of the Alps has had maintenance requirements reduced to a minimum with a loading unit developed from the ground up, while at the same time significantly increasing throughput capacity.

In addition, new smart options, previously only available on the larger wagons, are now also available for the BOSS. It is available in four sizes from 18.7 to 26.5 m³ (DIN). Two of them also with beater rotors. The BOSS 3000 MASTER series is available from 01 August 2022.