High end tractors powered up

  • With the Xerion 12 Series, Claas presents powerful specialists in the highest performance class for tractors

Due to be available in the UK in Spring 2024,the two models come in above the Xerion 4200 – 5000 and feature the highly efficient low-engine speed drive concept 2.0, maximum power outputs of up to 653hp, the Cemos operator assistance system, an enormous hydraulic pump capacity of up to 537 l/min and a new spacious cab with four-point suspension. In addition, the Terra Trac models are equipped with newly developed, damped crawler tracks from Claas Industrietechnik – making them stronger on profitability, stronger on tractive power, stronger on comfort and stronger on assistance.

The Xerion has been establishing new fields of application and expanding into new market regions for more than 25 years. The two new more powerful 12.590 and 12.650 models are designed as highly efficient specialists for the toughest of draught work, such as pulling wide cultivators and seed drills as well as chaser bins. In addition to North America, central Western Europe and South America, the core target markets include countries such as Australia.

Four key development goals for the Xerion 12 Series were identified during numerous discussions with customers:

  • Stronger profitability through low fuel consumption, low maintenance and wear costs and high resale value
  • Stronger tractive power through high torque, large ground contact area, optimal 50:50 weight distribution under all operating conditions and enormous hydraulic power
  • Stronger comfort thanks to spacious cab with four-point suspension and excellent all-round view, damped crawler tracks for Terra Trac and comfortable steering behaviour
  • Stronger assistance via Cebis, CMotion, Cemos and GPS Pilot Cemis 1200.

The successful basic concept with a bolted, highly resilient central frame and two steering axles was adopted from the Xerion 4200, 4500 and 5000 models and adapted to reflect the increased output, higher weight and larger track width.

The new Terra Trac triangular crawler track units transfer the power gently and efficiently to the ground, while the driver enjoys an excellent all-round view in the large, four-point-suspended cab.

The low-speed concept 2.0 marks a perfect synthesis between the efficient, high-cubic-capacity Mercedes-Benz engine and the optimally coordinated continuously variable transmission –  capped by the high-performance, low-engine speed hydraulics featuring the highest hydraulic output on the market. With a maximum power output up to 653 hp and up to 3100 Nm of torque, the Xerion 12 Series is currently the most powerful four-wheel-drive tractor with continuously variable transmission technology on the market and features the familiar Cemos operator assistance and process optimisation system from Claas standard tractors with CMatic continuously variable transmission.

The 15.6 l OM473 LA six-cylinder in-line engine is familiar from the Jaguar and Lexion and combines enormous torque with fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. In the Xerion 12.590 this power unit delivers 585 hp from 1600 rpm and up to 653 hp in the Xerion 12.650. Turbo compound technology with wastegate turbocharger ensures enormous power development, even at low engine speeds, and maximum efficiency under full and partial load at the same time. As a result, the maximum torque – an impressive 3100 Nm in the Xerion 12.650 – is available even at 1300 rpm. The idling speed is set at a low 650 rpm.

Like all Claas tractors, the new Xerion 12 Series is equipped with the latest generation CMatic continuously variable transmission – maintenance-friendly, durable and perfectly matched to the engine’s optimal torque and consumption characteristics. Since 2003, the transmissions in the Xerion have proved themselves to be exceptionally robust, reliable and durable even in the toughest situations. In addition, the gentle starting and deceleration torque of the continuously variable, split-power drives protect cultivators and seed drills by avoiding peak loads on the frame structures and hitching devices caused by abrupt shifting or engaging and disengaging with the implement in working position. Nevertheless, the XERION still delivers the full engine torque from the minimum speed of 0.05 km/h.

The Xerion 12 Series comes with a customisable package for ISOBUS and precision farming applications. Buyers can choose from automatic steering by GPS Pilot with different correction signals, both on- and off-line Task Management, and precision farming applications with Section Control and Variable Rates Application (VRA). All functions for modern, precise and site-specific work are available in conjunction with the 12-inch Cemis 1200 terminal which uses the familiar Cebis control concept. With Claas connect, new licences or activations can be transferred straight to the terminal online, as can tasks with predefined tracks and application maps from connected farm management information systems (Claas API).

The ability to automatically create multiple reference lines per field provides a further efficiency boost. Using recorded or imported field boundaries, A-B lines and contours for different areas and sections of the field can be calculated and saved before cultivating the field. This feature simplifies work in irregularly shaped fields, as several headland sequences and rounded field boundaries can be saved as references in addition to the main working direction.

The tramline management feature in Cemis 1200 also reduces the workload significantly. Tramlines are marked in colour on the screen and a signal alerts the driver when to create one the same. This means tramlines can no longer be missed, leaving the driver to focus fully on the optimum performance of the tractor and attached implement.

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