More power for mid-range wheel loaders

JCB’s mid-range agricultural wheeled loaders have extra power, torque and refinement in a package of upgrades for the new ‘Stage V’ versions that meet latest engine emissions rules.

The JCB 411 Agri, 413S Agri and 417 Agri are now powered by the latest 4.8-litre JCB DieselMAX four-cylinder engine, which features the JCB Autostop system.

Weighing 8.7 tonnes, the 411 Agri has High Torque lift arms giving 3.36 metres of load-over clearance with the quick-hitch fitted and a full-turn tipping load of a little more than 5 tonnes with a general purpose 1.2-1.6cu m bucket.

Three loader arm choices are available with the JCB 417 Agri, giving up to 4.2 metre clearance for bale stacking or loading an intake hopper, and a full turn tipping load of around 3.9 tonnes in that configuration, with up to 5.8 tonnes capacity available with a quick-hitch on the standard arms, which will clear 3.3 metres.

Weighing typically 8.95 tonnes, the JCB 413S Agri clears 3.61 metres with the optional High Lift loader arms, while the standard arms provide increased torque for improved lifting ability, giving the 413S Agri tipping loads from 4.6 to 5.6 tonnes depending upon the front end configuration.

On the performance front, the JCB 411 Agri and 417 Agri benefit from moving from a 4.4-litre engine to the latest-specification 4.8-litre JCB DieselMAX, which is also fitted to the 413S Agri and comes with a single canister SCR and DPF installation to clamp down further on NOx and particulate matter in addition to the existing DOC unit.

Peak power and torque figures for the 411 Agri are unchanged at 109hp (81kW) but the 417 Agri has a 4% increase in maximum power output at 130hp (97kW), while the JCB 413S gets a 5% increase in power output at 150hp (122kW) and 7% more torque at 600Nm.