Multi brand tyre pressure app launched

  • The first multibrand smartphone application that helps you to define the right pressure of your agriculture tyres

All tyre manufacturers agree on the importance of the right pressure to guarantee the performance of their tyres. In agriculture, the variety of vehicles, applications and implements require regular and appropriate adaptation of tyre pressures to ensure their service life and other key performances like traction, fuel saving and soil protection.

After identifying the axle loads and speed of use, the farmer should refer to the manufacturer’s documentation to define the right pressure.

Here is the main challenge: where can you find it? Databook, product sheet, manufacturer’s website, by contacting your dealer? It gets even more complicated if you have multiple brands of tyres on your fleet of agricultural vehicles. Therefore, pressures are often roughly defined, at the expense of tyre performance…

Fully aware of the challenge faced by farmers, the major tyre manufacturers have worked together to provide farmers with a common solution: Agro Tyre Pressure application. This application is the only one that combines the databases of each manufacturer (pressure, load & speed tables).

This smartphone application provides easy and quick access to correct tyre pressure data. By selecting load, speed and the tyre brand and size, this new App truly supports farmers and dealers in their daily work.