Multi-dimensional 3-point power lift regulation for tractors wins silver Agritechnica Award

  • Claas integrates hydraulic upper link into its multi-dimensional 3-point power lift

In modern tractors, tractive power is usually regulated via the lower links. Raising or lowering the 3-point power lift often leads to the circumstance that soil tillage implements are no longer positioned parallel to the ground and that the front and rear working depths are therefore different.

To optimise this, Claas is now also integrating the hydraulic upper link into its multi-dimensional 3-point control system. Height measurement sensors that transfer the signals to the tractor’s control electronics are mounted at the front and rear of the implement to determine the position. Via an additional hydraulic system control unit, these can be converted into a regulation specification for the upper link length, leading to automatic adjustment of the implement’s longitudinal inclination. This allows the implement to be guided parallel to the ground and therefore enables the achievement of consistent work quality.

Claas has significantly further developed the 3-point power lift by integrating the upper link into its control system.

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