Net Zero circular solution wins award at World Biogas Expo

  • Bennamann, CNH Industrial and New Holland have developed an approach that helps deliver net zero farming and a circular economy for livestock agriculture.
  • The AD & Biogas Industry Awards recognise and celebrate achievements across the full spectrum of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas industry
  • CNH recently further invested in Bennamann, taking a majority stake in the UK-based company, which has expertise in solutions to capture, repurpose and store fugitive methane emissions for energy use

New Holland and Bennamann’s “Energy Independent Net Zero Farming Circular Solution” has won the Net Zero Circular Solution Award in the 2023 AD and Biogas Industry Awards at the World Biogas Expo in Birmingham, UK.

The awards, organized by ADBA (Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association) and WBA (World Biogas Association), were created to celebrate and honour the contribution to excellence and innovation in the biogas industry and is hosted alongside the World Biogas Summit and Expo 2023, on the first night of the event.

The core technology suite receiving the award has been developed by Bennamann and enables farms to fully capture, process and use the fugitive emissions from their livestock manure slurry, turning an agricultural waste into biomethane as well as a range of off-take by-products, including biofertiliser and bio-CO2. By using these technologies on a farm, the resulting outputs can significantly reduce the site’s carbon footprint and, additionally, be distributed locally to help establish net zero outcomes more broadly.

New Holland’s contribution comes with theT6.180 Methane Power Tractor, running on 100% Methane Electro Command Transmission – which is still the only methane fuelled tractor in the market.

The tractor behaviour and performance are at same level as diesel, with overall emission levels of 80% less than a Diesel tractor when running on fossil gas.

Thanks to the Bennamann and New Holland solution the “energy independent farm” is a reality: utilizing waste and biomass to produce fuel not only for electrical power generation and heat provision, but also fuelling vehicles, is now the basis of a future in which farmers can maximize productivity while reducing their carbon footprint and establishing energy independence.

Fugitive methane is very damaging as a greenhouse gas and contributes significantly to climate change. In fact, it is far more damaging than carbon dioxide (CO2), having over 80 times the impact in the first 20 years of its lifetime in the atmosphere.

With the help of a Bennamann’s innovative system, farmers can turn their agricultural waste into fuel and a possible additional revenue stream, by selling it to customers off-site or supplying surplus electrical power to the grid. In addition, by using biomethane to fuel the tractor, farmers are able to achieve a negative carbon footprint, which is one of the biggest challenges for farms today.

New Holland Agriculture is a recurrent participant to the Expo, having displayed the T6.180 Methane Power tractor both last year and at this year’s event, in its Electro Command Transmission version. The brand is now expanding the range with a Dynamic Command™ Transmission version and with a recently announced T7 tractor, running on Liquified Natural Gas.

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