New additions to specialist tractor ranges

  • New CL and N models have joined the updated V and F versions in the Case IH range of Quantum specialist tractors for 2024

With four models each available with five power outputs, the new Quantum tractors are radically different to their predecessors, with more than 70% of their components newly developed, covering key areas including the cab, engine, hydraulics and ActiveDrive2 transmission.

As with the V and F models for vineyard and fruit applications, the new Quantum CL and N models extend from the 74hp Quantum 80 to the 120hp Quantum 120 (rated figures), taking the total number of models across the four series to 20 different tractors. Apart from the Quantum 80, with its FPT F5C 3.4-litre engine, all models feature a 3.6-litre FPT F5C Stage V four-cylinder power unit with four valves per cylinder. Each Quantum incorporates a concealed Hi-eSCR2 exhaust after-treatment system, allowing for a low bonnet profile and good visibility for inter-axle attachments. The engines offer up to 13hp more output and up to 14 per cent more torque than the Stage IIIB power units they replace.

The 32F/16R ActiveDrive2 transmission offers travel speeds from 40 km/h down to 0.7 km/h, with an optional eight-speed creep package taking this down further to 0.17 km/h. Four-wheel drive is standard, and N models can be equipped with optional front axle suspension. In the cab, key features include a new A-pillar display and full compatibility with AFS guidance and AFS Connect telemetry solutions. A patented Category 4 dual filter system for the newly designed flat-floor cab is optional.

Quantum N (Narrow) tractors are just 1,325 mm wide, but the larger 1,145 mm-wide cab means the machines are suited to common vineyard row spacings of around 2.0 metres. New Quantum CL tractors for row crops feature the same operator platform as the latest Quantum F models, but a wider front axle from standard Case IH tractors. With a permissible front axle load of 2,500 kg and a flange-to-flange dimension of up to 1,584 mm, this makes it possible to fit larger tyres, and so cover a diverse range of orchard and mixed farm tasks, particularly in hilly terrain, where in combination with electro-hydraulic 4wd and differential lock it maximises traction and stability. In addition, flexible PneuTrac® tyres with VF technology can also be fitted to further enhance traction and soil protection.

Both Quantum Series are now available from Case IH dealerships.

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