New Alliance 372VF tyre performs well under independent test

Recent tests carried out on the new Alliance 372VF tyre show that it performed well against other leading brands and is very competitive on price.

Tests on the tyre were carried out earlier this year by IRSTEA (Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies pour l’environnement et l’agriculture) in France.

The tests on fuel efficiency, traction, slip and footprint showed that the Alliance 372VF tractor tyre outperforms competitors’ premium IF tyres and is an about equal match for competitors’ premium VF tyres.

Backed by a ten year warranty, the Alliance 372VF is a radial steel-belted tyre for tractors, combines, harvesters and some slurry tankers. It has D speed rating and is available in 28 sizes, which is the biggest variety of VF tractor sizes in the industry.

Back in 2019 the manufacturer gave the Alliance 372VF tyre a construction and design upgrade. The improved stubble guard compound as well as special tread compounds for wear, cut and chip resistance were used for the new version of the tyre.

These upgrades ensure high structural stability and reliable heat resistance during the cycling field operations (CFO) even at 0.8 bar inflation pressure. The updated tyre has got rounded lug shoulders, larger footprint and higher lug angles for the better soil protection and self-cleaning.

Under test

IRSTEA performed four field tests under defined conditions for fuel efficiency, traction, slip in soft soil and footprint width.

The general conclusion of the tests state that the Alliance 372VF performs in line with the Premium competition VF tyres and better than Premium IF tyres. Given that Alliance 372VF comes at a significantly lower price point than the premium competitors’ IF and VF tyres, the overall test results reveal an excellent value for money with Alliance.

The Alliance 372VF is available with Kirkby Tyres which is the exclusive importer of the Alliance products in the UK and Ireland.


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