New and updated cultivators, drills and sprayers for Agritechnica 2023

  • Horsch has announced a wide range of updates and new models to its cultivator, drill and sprayer ranges, which will be shown to the public at Agritechnica show 2023

 “We are always innovating and developing our product range based on feedback from our customers, and from what the Horsch family learn farming our own land in Europe,” explains Stephen Burcham, General Manager for HORSCH UK.

“The new Horsch Leeb VT sprayer has a variable track enabling widths from 1.8m to 2.4m, which will be of great interest to contractors, and we expect this to increase sales of our self-propelled sprayers in the UK into a new sector of the market. The new Avatar SL and Sprinter SL drills expand these popular ranges to offer proven features at smaller working widths, while the new Maestro TX features a telescopic frame for a wide variety of row spacings. As always, our goal is to provide the machinery that enables farmers to work the way they want to, with machinery adapted and developed to meet the needs of UK farmers.”

The new Horsch Leeb VT combines variable track adjustment with the well-known performance of a Leeb PT self-propelled sprayer. The flexible track adjustment is ideal for mixed crop farms and contractors requiring varying row widths between 1.8m and 2.4m, assisting with stability in the field and manoeuvrability on the road. The clearance beneath is 1.3m.

Leeb VT features a 5000 or 6000 litre tank with a 230hp and 300hp (and Stage 5 emissions) engine respectively. The smaller model has a new OptiGear drive system which makes efficient use of compact components. The Leeb VT is also the first model to feature a new state-of-the-art comfort cabin pre-fitted for category IV filtration. There is an advanced A-column terminal as standard, and the armrest and joystick were specifically adapted to crop care applications. Pneumatic 4-point cabin suspension will be available as an option in the future.

The Leeb Xeric represents a brand-new product in a new sector for Horsch. Using its proven experience with developing precision sprayers, Horsch has brought the same level of productivity and control to granular fertiliser spreading.

The short time window for spreading fertiliser is a challenge for but with a capacity of 14m3, working widths of 36m and 48m, a powerful metering output and high operational speeds up to 20kph, the new Leeb Xeric sets new standards in the market. Advanced features like a 12-section boom, automatic section switch-off and curve compensation bring a new level of precision to granular fertiliser application.

Based on the well-proven tandem axle chassis of the Leeb 12 TD sprayer, the Leeb Xeric features BoomControl for precise boom levelling, a metering box with a central metering system and innovative boom design has a smooth passage for the fertiliser. This allows for a precise longitudinal and lateral distribution and precise application regardless of wind and a bad fertiliser quality (fertiliser granulate).

The Avatar SD is available in 8m, 9m and 10m working widths with the choice of 6300 litre double hopper or 6400 litre triple tank, and the ability to mount a 400 litre MiniDrill too. From Spring 2023, it has been possible to equip the machines with trash wheels to cope smoothly with high amounts of straw.

In 2024, the Avatar 12.25 SD and 12.40 SD can be optioned with a selective hosing. This allows for alternately supplying the seed coulters with two different crops. Thanks to the individual depth control, fine seeds can be placed shallow and coarse seeds can be placed deep. In addition, double row spacing can be achieved so that, for example, cereals can be sown with a spacing of 25cm and soybeans with 50cm. The Avatar 12.50 SD offers a row spacing of 50cm as an option for the 12m version.

The AutoForce system, well-known from the Horsch Maestro, will be shown on an Avatar 10.25 SD at the Agritechnica show. Using hydraulic rams, AutoForce is the only system available to continuously adapt coulter pressure while drilling to prevent compaction on light land or reduced sowing depth on heavy land. This produces an even seed placement which helps crop growth. Row cleaners are now available on the 8m to 12m Avatar models with 25cm row spacing.

The all-new Avatar SL is the smallest and most manoeuvrable Avatar seed drill with a mounted 3-point configuration designed for precise sowing in mulch seed conditions. The depth control roller of the SingleDisc coulter ensures a regular depth placement even in uneven conditions. Row spacings of 25cm or 30cm pave the way for mechanical weed control.

The Avatar SL is used in combination with the Horsch Partner front tank. As an option, there will also be a solo version with an 800 litre seed tank in the rear. Hydraulic weight transfer achieves a coulter pressure of up to 240kg per coulter, with the weight of the tractor transferred to the seed coulters. This is useful especially in harder conditions and considerably extends the range of use of the machine.

Two new models join the popular Sprinter tine seed drill range; Sprinter 6.25 SL and 12.25 SC. Changing climate conditions are bringing about longer dry periods and cultivation methods need to change to the meet the challenge of keeping water in the soil.

The new Sprinter models reduce tillage to a minimum yet work well in high amounts of straw residue, as well as in harder soils. To ensure a perfect seed-soil contact between the grain and seed furrow, the new Sprinters are equipped with a tine seed coulter that creates a residue-free seed furrow. Three different tine coulters (110mm WideEdge, 21mm ThinEdge and 12mm UltraThinEdge) enable the farmer to additionally react to various conditions.

The new 6m SL mounted model works in combination with a Partner FT front tank, while the 12m trailed SC model is equipped with a 6300 litre double hopper and is available with a triple tank and additional MiniDrill options. Both feature tines with a 25cm spacing and a 180kg release force.

The new Horsch Maestro TX is a compact, single grain seed drill with 3-point linkage. It is equipped with a hydraulic telescopic slide frame on which the seeding units are mounted, allowing them to be expanded and contracted as required with working widths from 2.6m to 4.8m. It offers precise placement of the grain and an optimum embedding at operational speeds of up to 15kph.

On the Horsch 6 TX, common row spacings between 45 cm and 80 cm can be set and adjusted in 5cm steps. The Maestro 7 TX can also sow with a row spacing of 37.5cm or 40cm. If the middle row is deactivated, the operator can sow conventionally with 6 rows and a row spacing of 75cm or 80cm. The optional hydraulic weight transfer system guarantees higher coulter pressure while sowing.

As an option, the new Maestro TX line can be equipped with a 1300 litre fertiliser hopper and, as standard, is equipped with a fertiliser half-width shut-off. The fertiliser is applied with the HORSCH metering devices at the single disc fertiliser coulter for underground fertilisation.

The new Versa 6 SW features a 6m rotary harrow combination with four working zones. The leading tyre packer reduces tracks and distributes the machine weight across the whole working width. The rotary harrow ensures an optimum production of fine soil. The following combination of packer and TurboDisc seed coulters ensures a precise seed placement. The tine spacing of the machine components can be selected between 12.5cm and 15cm.

The Versa 6 SW has a universal 3-point linkage allowing the operator to mount the Maestro or Taro lines, as well as the new Sprinter SL and Avatar SL, enormously increasing the flexibility of the machine. It is available with a 4000 litre single hopper or 5000 litre double hopper with 60:40 partition. The fan with the optional oil cooler is directly integrated in the hopper.

The new Pronto 7 DC is a universal seed drill that is ideal for different applications, conditions and for use after a wide range of tillage methods. It ensures a precise grain placement and safe emergence even at high operational speeds. In addition to traditional crops like wheat, oil seed rape or barley, it can also be used for sowing catch crops or grass.

Due to a new frame design, the Pronto 7 DC is lighter than the previous generation. In addition to a low horsepower requirement, the drill causes little soil compaction and 7.2m working width enables it to work quickly and efficiently, fitting in to a 36m cultivation system.

It is equipped with TurboDisc seed coulters or the new ParaDisc seed coulter, currently only used in the Pronto 7 DC. The small parallelogram seed coulter maintains seed placement in very heavy and stony soils due to the inertia of the parallelogram and the higher coulter pressure.

The Transformer VS, for Variable Small, is a new hoeing tool available in 6m, 9m and 12m working widths. The design of the hoeing unit allows for row spacings of 25cm and 30cm. Joining the larger VF model, Transformer VS has a compact design that includes the main frame, the fully integrated lateral slide unit and a slide range of 450mm. The lighter, compact design allows it to be used with smaller tractors and offers precise terrain following.

Soil adaption is improved by having one depth control wheel per hoeing unit and point. The short distance from the point to the control wheel enables the hoeing unit to adapt to the terrain more easily. The proven camera equipment from the Transformer VF provides switching between colour-dependent 2D row recognition and colour-independent 3D row recognition. The result is a wide range of applications where the system recognises small plants starting at 2cm.

The new Cura 18 ST features an 18.2m working width, allowing it to fit perfectly into a 36m tramline system. Joining the 15m and 24m models, the Cura ST offers a high hectare output, high stability and a robust, torsion-resistant design which is the result of the closed, square tube frame design. The 450mm frame height enables harrowing of high crops and makes the Cura ST a key machine for hybrid as well as for organic farming.

The 28mm spaced and 8mm thick tines of the Cura ST are individually fastened and spring-loaded with a pressure can be adapted from 300g to more than 5kg. This allows for various applications ranging from blind harrowing to breaking crusts or keeping the fields “black”. The angle of the tines can be adjusted via the hydraulically height adjustable support wheels. In the field, the angled side wings are used in a floating position to guarantee a good soil adaption of every single part of the frame.

The Joker RT is ideal for stubble cultivation, mixing of harvest residues and efficient seedbed preparation. It produces a high amount of fine soil in the germination horizon and can handle high amounts of straw, organic fertilisers or catch crops. The new 12 RT completes the previous Joker range with a disc harrow with 12.25m working width. A new folding mechanism and twin axle keep the transport height to 4m.

A new knife roller or a Crossbar can be optioned on the new Joker 12 RT. The knife roller guarantees a safe cutting diagonally to the direction of travel. The knives fit tightly to the rotor and reduce the risk of breaking to a minimum. The Crossbar in front of the discs is ideal for additional levelling, for example, when preparing the seedbed. Depending on the conditions, the Crossbar can be retracted or extended via hydraulic cylinders and the aggressiveness can be adjusted.

The new 9m Cruiser XL completes the range that is the specialist for shallow tillage, stubble cultivation and straw distribution after the combine. The new FlexGrip tine of the Cruiser 9 XL is pre-stressed with a 180kg release force to maintain a precise working depth even in most difficult conditions. Up to nine support wheels allow for precise contour following and ensure optimum depth control.

The 6-bar design provides excellent mixing and levelling at a maximum working depth up to 15cm. The 17cm tine spacing optimises mixing and crumbling on the surface and the comprehensive packer options guarantee working quality in wet and dry conditions. The cultivator can be equipped with 5cm, 8cm or 10cm wide points with or without carbide. The new 24cm wide point wing ensures an all-over cutting, The wing, too, is either available with or without carbide.

The Fortis AS is a completely new generation of cultivators designed to meet the increasing demands and tractor powers and at the same time offer more variety for working depths.

The new 9m Fortis 9 AS has a maximum working depth of 30cm, ideal for deep loosening and primary soil cultivation. The enormous working width of 8.75m from tine centre to tine centre allows for high work rates in combination with the largest standard tractors. The well-known TerraGrip tine system provides mounting for all known points and wings.

The 4-bar design of the Fortis 9 AS allows for a 27cm tine spacing. The fourth bar was extended to the rear so there always is enough loose earth in front of the levelling tines to achieve an excellent levelling result. It is equipped with an integrated weight transfer system to increase traction with a vertical load of up to 1.2 tonnes transferred to the rear axle of the tractor to prevent slippage.

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