New Avatar 6 SL drill at Cereals 2024

  • Revealed at Agritechnica 2023, the all-new HORSCH 6 SL is the smallest and most manoeuvrable Avatar seed drill and makes its UK debut at Cereals 2024

The 6m drill adds a mounted 3-point configuration to the renowned Avatar family. It is designed for precise sowing in mulch seed conditions in a more compact format suited to UK farming. The depth control roller of the SingleDisc coulter ensures a regular depth placement even in uneven conditions. Row spacings of 25cm or 30cm pave the way for mechanical weed control.

Hydraulic weight transfer achieves a coulter pressure of up to 240kg per coulter, with the weight of the tractor transferred to the seed coulters. This is useful especially in harder conditions and considerably extends the range of use of the machine.

The Avatar SL is available with trash wheels that smoothly manage high amounts of straw.  The trailed layout of the trash wheels allows for a perfect soil adaption as each trash wheel can be adapted individually to the desired depth and the soil is only minimally disrupted.

The optional selective hosing allows for alternately supplying the seed coulters with two different crops. Due to the individual depth control, fine seeds can be placed shallowly and coarse seeds can be placed deeply. In addition, double row spacing can be achieved with cereals sown with a 25cm spacing and soybeans at 50cm, for example.

The Avatar SL can be combined with the HORSCH Partner front tank or 800-litre rear seed tank is available as an option.

The Avatar 6 SL can be combined with the HORSCH Partner FT to create a highly manoeuvrable mounted drill setup and optimises the weight distribution of the tractor and seeding rig.

The Partner 2000 FT has a double hopper and a total capacity of 2200 litres with a 60:40 partition allows for applying seed and fertiliser, two different seeds or fertilisers. A 75:25 partition has a combination of a large hopper capacity for seed or granulated fertiliser and 550 litres for micro-granular compounds with the HORSCH fine metering insert.

The Partner 1600 FT features a single 1600 litre hopper has a compact design that allows for optimum visibility to the front. The feed opening is large and allows for a quick filling with a front loader or a telehandler.

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