New combine innovations

  • For model year 2023, extensive innovations are available for the Fendt IDEAL series of large combine harvesters: starting with the automated VariotronicTI Turn Assistant headland management system for more precise and efficient turns, through new lengths and heights for the unloading auger, to improvements for the cab that increase driver comfort

Tight harvesting windows and increasing cost pressure mean that areas have to be harvested ever more efficiently. At the same time, increasing working widths place higher demands on the drivers.

An optimised and fully-automated headland management system relieves drivers, saves valuable time and contributes to an even higher overall efficiency in harvest. The Fendt VariotronicTI Turn Assistant is now available for the Fendt IDEAL.

The Fendt VariotronicTI Turn Assistant enables the combine to turn independently according to the previously calculated and specified turning procedures. In bed mode, the combine works the field in small sections, the unloading auger is always on the side that has been cut. This makes it easier to unload whilst continuing to harvest. For applications with narrow working widths or in maize, the keyhole turn is available. If several combine harvesters are working on one area, U-turns support the work flow, ensuring machines don’t end up on the same wayline.

The Fendt VariotronicTI Turn Assistant avoids imprecise turns, saving valuable time and reducing driver fatigue. Unnecessary crossings and manoeuvring are eliminated. The area is harvested efficiently and with high precision. This protects the soil and reduces fuel consumption.

Fendt now offers different lengths for the unloading auger of the Fendt IDEAL: 7 m (S), 8.40 m (M), and 9.90 m (L). These replace the existing auger lengths of 7.60 m, 9.15 m and 10.60 m. The height for unloading is now 4.55 m, 4.95 m or 5.35 m respectively. Depending on the header width and auger length, the tractor can drive above or next to the swath and high trailers are loaded precisely and quickly even in uneven terrain. The new unloading auger lengths are available for the Streamer 140 and 210. The new unloading auger height is used exclusively on the Streamer 210.

In order to have maximum traction and drive power even in hilly terrain and at high forward speeds, the Heavy Duty drive will be available for combine harvesters with tracks from model year 2023. The combination of a larger hydraulic pump and a larger hydraulic motor also provides more drive power in hilly locations or at high speeds, especially towing headers behind the combine between fields. The Heavy Duty drive is available for the Fendt IDEAL 8T, 9T and 10T models.

Better noise insulation, new storage options and a new cooling box are just some of the aspects that have been revised in the familiar Fendt VisionCab cabin. Improved cab insulation reduces noise levels by 3 decibels to an industry-leading 74 db under full load operation. New compartments on the rear wall of the cabin increase the storage options. Two USB charging sockets are now available on the armrest, as well as a second terminal holder. The new active cooler keeps food and drinks cold all day long, even in high outdoor temperatures, and can cool them down to 0° Celsius if desired.

New track and tyre combinations are now available for the Fendt IDEAL. In the future, a 30″/76 cm track or 800/70R38 front tyre will be available in combination with a 520/85R30 rear tyre. With this combination the combine has an external width of just 3.49 m. This combination gives an even greater foot print. This reduces ground pressure and increases manoeuvrability through a greater steering angle.

The variable speed header drive, familiar from the Fendt IDEAL 9 and 10 models, can now also be ordered for the Fendt IDEAL 7, 7T, 8 and 8T models.

A new housing for the exhaust system is fitted as standard in the Fendt IDEAL 8, 9 and IDEAL 10 models with MAN engine. The new system provides even better protection against dust and dirt, further reducing the maintenance and cleaning effort to a minimum.