New cultivator with integrated traction reinforcement

  • The new Fortis AS is a cultivator from HORSCH developed to take advantage of increased tractor power up to 600hp and provide more flexibility in working depth and adjustment options

The Fortis 6 and 7 AS, with 6m and 7m working widths, can operate with a working depth between 4cm and 30cm, ideal for a deep loosening and primary tillage. Depending on the conditions, the operator can decide to manoeuvre on the packer or on the chassis, and the changeover is carried out simply by means of a 3-way valve.

The design of the packer focuses on flexibility. The customer can not only select the type of packer but can also decide if the packer is to be connected rigidly to the frame or pretensioned hydraulically. In the pretensioned option, the weight of the front packer roller can be transferred to the rear roller preventing sinking on light soils.

To ensure a consistent levelling quality in this wide working range, the fourth bar was placed further backwards so there is always enough loose earth in front of the levelling discs to get an excellent result. The 27cm tine spacing on the 4-bar design is ideal for shallow tillage and an all-over cutting in all conditions, but also meets the requirements for a lower horsepower tractor performing deep primary tillage.

The option of single or double front support wheels offers precise soil adaption, ranging from a simple depth control to supporting the machine in case of high working depths. The depth adjustment can either be carried out by the proven clip system or fully hydraulically from the cabin. The Fortis is equipped with an integrated traction reinforcement system which transfers up to 1.2 tons to the rear axle of the tractor to help prevent slip