New designs increase versatility for HM Trailers at LAMMA

  • Half-Pipe Rock body for Hook-lift at LAMMA
  • Body prop for grain trailers allows switching body on standard chassis

A trio of trailers offering users the option to switch bodies to increase versatility and safety will be shown by HM Trailers at LAMMA 2023.

The Essex-based manufacturer will be displaying a pair of Hook-lift trailers, in HL-16 and HL-20 designs with the former sporting a new Half-Pipe rock body, alongside a body prop version of its HM 1517 grain trailer.

The body prop on the HM 1517 grain trailer allows the body to be removed without the need to mechanically lift it off the chassis. A supporting leg on each corner allows the various hydraulics to be disconnected before the bare chassis can then be driven away and fitted with other bodies, including a tanker, flatbed, and rock unit. The changeover takes an hour to complete, with the added benefit of the body staying free of contamination and damage during storage.

Keeping specific bodies for their designated jobs will increase longevity and as Grant Perry, owner at HM Trailers explains, this option may appeal to farmers over a Hook-lift design.

“The body prop grain trailer allows farmers to run a high-spec trailer chassis with a removeable body, without the added weight of a Hook-lift design. We have seen that farmers want additional versatility from their trailers, but many don’t require regular changes to justify a Hook-lift model. This option allows grain units to be swapped after harvest, avoiding damage and contamination from winter jobs.”

The smaller of the two Hook-lift models will display the HM19 Half-Pipe Rock body, aimed at users requiring a dedicated unit for carting bulky materials. The benefits of the half pipe design include the self-cleaning nature, allowing all cargo to exit the trailer without becoming lodged in the front corners. The model on the stand will be a 15m3 design with a standard hydraulic tailgate.

Mr Perry continues: “We had users asking us for a Half-Pipe body for the Hook-lift chassis to cart rock, aggregates, soil, and other bulk materials. It is proving more versatile than the flat-bottomed dump trailer option and is a crossover from commercial dump trailer and Hook-lift design.”

Farmers are interested in ways to make their investments go further and along with being able to switch between different bodies, from a safety aspect, it means maintaining only one set of wheels and brakes.

HM Trailers will be on stand 19.260 at LAMMA 2023.