New drills put big productivity in compact dimensions

  • The new HORSCH Sprinter SL and SC drills bring the latest features and innovations of the large-scale Sprinter NT drill in a more compact format suited to UK farming
  • The trailed 12m Sprinter 12.25 SC and mounted 6m Sprinter 6.25 SL drills feature 25cm row spacing and can be folded to the 3m transport width required for movement on UK roads

The Sprinter 6.25 SL can be combined with the HORSCH Partner FT to create a highly manoeuvrable mounted drill setup. Sales of pre-series Sprinter SL and SC machines will be available in 2023.

Both Sprinter SL and SC drills are available with HORSCH’s latest tine coulters. There are different seed coulter options from the Ultra ThinEdge seed coulter, that provides a 12mm wide seed band to ensure minimum of soil movement, the ThinEdge coulter with a 21mm wide seed band (ideal for sowing catch crops directly into the stubble), to the WideEdge tine seed coulter that has a 110mm wide seed band.

A more compact version of the highly regarded Sprinter NT, the 12m Sprinter 12.25 SC complements a 3m transport width with a 4m transport height to make it even more manoeuvrable. It is equipped with a 6300-litre double hopper and will soon be available with a triple tank or additional MiniDrill options. The hopper design is based on that of the new Avatar 8.25 and can apply up to four components.

The tines of the Sprinter 12.25 SC are hydraulically pre-stressed, with a coulter pressure up to 180kg, and can be retracted for transport. They ensure a high clearance between frame and surface as well as between the seed coulters making them ideal for direct or mulch seeding. The tines are individually depth-controlled with a press wheel and the 3-bar tine section and 25cm tine spacing offers a straw-free and clod-free sowing horizon.

The 6m Sprinter 6.25 SL is ideal for working in wetter conditions and on light and medium soils. As it is mounted, it is high manoeuvrable making it easy to operate in small fields.

As with the Sprinter SC, the tines of the Sprinter 6.25 SL are hydraulically pre-stressed and retractable and are individually depth controlled with press wheel. The 3-bar tine section and 25cm tine spacing ensures a straw-free and clod-free sowing horizon.

The Sprinter SL can be combined with either the HORSCH Partner 2000 FT or Partner 1600 FT front tank to provide the metered components.