New faster, stronger KUHN tedder

  • KUHN has released a new 13 metre tedder which folds twice as fast as the outgoing model and is fitted with new rotors and tines that are expected to last twice as long
  • It also features a new reversible draw bar that will enable the tedder to be hitched to a wider range of tractors

The GF 13003 T replaces the outgoing GF 13012 to offer operators an improved tedder with new rotors and tines. “With this new tedder KUHN has concentrated on saving time and extending the life of the machine. It still has 12 rotors, but these have been upgraded to reduce wear,” says product specialist Thomas Ferrand.

The new tines are expected to last twice as long as those on the outgoing model due to an increase in the tine diameter and stronger springs. The new tines are 10mm wide and have upgraded springs that have increased from 70 millimetres to 80 millimetres. “The wider tine with a larger and stronger spring makes the GF 13003 T more resilient than the previous model which is expected to double the life of the tines,” he adds.

The folding mechanism on the new machine is twice as fast as the outgoing model. A new single movement folding mechanism works directly off a tractor spool with no control box or electric sensors needed. “By creating a single movement, we have reduced the folding and unfolding time to just 20-25 seconds,” says Mr Ferrand.

Anti-loss function on the tine is now a standard feature and offers the ability to set the tine height hydraulically. The new model also has improved ground adaption thanks to the choice of new wheels which will help operators calibrate the tedder to the ground conditions. KUHN’s Ground Save Control (GSC) system allows the rotor train to move independently of the carrying frame.

When in use, the weight of the chassis is supported by the large transport wheels, while the small diameter rotors are suspended separately, enabling each rotor to follow the contours of the ground without scraping the soil. This not only prevents the crop from being contaminated by dirt but also reduces tine tip wear.

To improve transportation KUHN has reduced the length of the GF 13003 T by almost half a metre to just 6 metres. This will make the tedder easier to manoeuvre and also reduce the storage space needed.