New generation of the Fendt Former 14055 PRO


  • The Fendt Former 14055 PRO – the largest four-rotor rake has been updated and equipped with new sensors, a new functional design and optional LED working light package

The Fendt Former 14055 PRO was developed for high working speeds with consistently cleaner forage quality and a large working width. The Fendt proConnect ISOBUS system consists of the Fendt flexHIGH, gapControl and myMemory functions. Well-known features such as the jet effect, adjustable cam track and cardanic suspension help to produce high quality green forage.

With the help of ISOBUS, drivers adjust the working and swath width directly from the tractor cab. The swath width is adjusted synchronously at all times via the rear rotors, while the working width can be adjusted both synchronously and independently for the left and right sides via the front rotors. This has advantages with one-sided obstacles such as trees.

The ISOBUS control system also enables individual lifting of the rotors and particularly precise work in the field and on the headland and significantly reduces forage losses. In addition, there is the adjustable headland lift. The lift height of the rotors at the headland can be adjusted in five stages and is adjusted via the terminal. The sequencing control for the front and rear rotors is available as standard and neatly shapes swaths to completion.

In combination with a Fendt tractor, all functions can be assigned to the multifunction joystick. This increases the working comfort. If required, a joystick is also available to be retrofitted. The maintenance-free, bolted rotor head and long maintenance intervals of the PTO shafts reduce the maintenance costs. A hectare counter and hour counter facilitates the accounting of the work carried out.

The functionally designed bonnet made of durable plastic is ergonomically shaped and prevents forage deposits. All hydraulic components are protected within the cover. In addition, all parts are easily accessible for maintenance and adjustment work. In the front area of the rake, important components such as the hydraulic block, the job computer and all diagnostic connections can be accessed completely without tools.

For optimum raking results, the Fendt Former adjusts the working height of the tines to the forward speed via the flexHIGH automated raking height adjustment. If the tractor’s forward speed increases, the speed-dependent system lowers the rotors and regulates the distance between the tines and the ground. In this way, raking losses are prevented. If the driving speed drops, the system raises the rotors to prevent dirt ingress. This significantly increases the area output even with high forage quantities. The intelligent adjustment reduces forage loss as well as forage contamination as the speed increases.

When stationary, the tines are raised to increase the distance to the ground. This intelligent control protects the turf, reduces soiling and increases forage quality. If the raking height is optimally adjusted in every situation, this extends the service life of the parts.

Drivers can choose between three intensity levels for Fendt flexHIGH or deactivate the function.

Fendt gapControl constantly checks the overlap of the front and rear rotors and shows this on the display. A warning sound as well as the display prevent forage loss when cornering and the working width is optimally utilised.

The integrated myMemory rake management system stores settings such as the working width, swath width and raking height. At the push of a button, the machine moves into its most compact transport position when the work is done. At the next field, the previously saved settings are recalled at the touch of a button and the machine moves to the last settings fully automatically. This reduces operating errors and considerably reduces set-up times.

Six new contactless angle sensors are fitted as standard on the hitch, the front lift arms (working width adjustment) and the chassis axle. The sensor on the hitch detects the angle of impact of the trailer and warns drivers of possible damage via an acoustic signal. The sensor on the front lift arms shows the working width in real time. The new sensors have an even longer service life and offer greater operational safety.

The steerable tandem axle at the rear increases the manoeuvrability of the team and is now available ex works. It protects the turf when cornering. For use on extreme slopes, this can be locked by means of a pin and thus stabilises the driving behaviour of the team.

The combination of large-dimension tyres and a spring relief for the lifting arms protect the ground. Another advantage: the spring relief increases the longevity in continuous use.

Flat-sealing hydraulic couplings are now optionally available for the Fendt 14055 PRO Former. The flat-sealing design allows high flow rates and prevents pressure losses. The result: the oil heats up less and energy consumption drops. In addition, oil losses through leakage are reduced and harmful oil entry into the soil are excluded.

A new package with five high-performance LED working lights is optionally available for the Fendt Former 14055 PRO. They optimally illuminate the rotors and the working area during long harvesting days, thus increasing work safety.