New hedge trimmer head memory system

  • Shelbourne Reynolds used LAMMA 2024 to launch a new head memory system for its top-end hedge trimmer models, a development tested with operators across the UK over the past three seasons and designed to reduce operator control inputs and so minimise fatigue and improve productivity

Available as an option on all 8000 series Shelbourne Reynolds hedge trimmers fitted with S-Touch touchscreen control, the new system allows the operator to set, store and instantly return to a pre-set head angle, eliminating the need for corrective inputs with the control joystick, and thereby minimising repetitive movement and reducing fatigue.

“Without such a system, moving the hedge trimmer boom would mean it is necessary to also move the trimmer head to maintain the desired cutting angle,” points out Neil Smith, sales and marketing director at Shelbourne Reynolds.

“With the head memory function we have developed, it’s no longer necessary for the operator to make corrective movements to adjust the head angle after moving the boom. As a result, the number of necessary joystick movements is reduced considerably, minimising repetitive arm and wrist movements. The new function is also useful in situations where the head is not visible to the operator, and its angle cannot therefore be judged and adjusted.”

The system offers three operating modes. A ‘0 degree’ button automatically keeps the head horizontal, while a ‘90 deg’ button keeps the head vertical. In the third mode, a ‘preset’ button allows the operator to specify on the touchscreen the required angle to be maintained, while selecting a ‘variable’ button means the head maintains the angle last set on the joystick head angle control rocker.

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