New high-capacity compact tanker to be on display at LAMMA

  • Hi-Spec Engineering will be back at LAMMA in January exhibiting a range of products, including a new addition to their popular and well proven vacuum tanker range.

The new Hi-Spec TS-R tanker is available in a range of capacities from 2,000 up to 4,000 gallons. The tanker body is fully supported and is carried on a commercial tandem-axle, fitted with 710/50-R26.5 tyres with semi-recessed mudguards.

The combination of narrower width but lower rolling resistance tyres to keep soil compaction to a minimum and the semi-recessed mudguard design has the benefit that overall width and height are reduced, making the TS-R a more nimble tanker and ideal for use where operating space is restricted.

As standard, the Hi-Spec TS-R is fitted with a sprung drawbar with swivel hitch and the barrel is made from 6mm British steel and incorporates internal baffles and anti-implosion rings. Also, standard is a powerful Jurop pump and the TS-R can be specified with a wide range of filling options.

Spreading options for the TS-R include the Hi-Spec Trailing Shoe applicator, which is available in working widths of 7.5, 9.0 and 10.5 metres. Alternatively, there is the 7.5 metre wide Hi-Spec Dribble Bar, which folds down to just 2.55 metres for transport.

In addition, also on display will be a Hi-Spec SA-R (single axle recessed) tanker. Capacities on the 6-model SA-R models are from 1,350 gallons up to 3,000 gallons. All SA-R models are fitted with commercial brakes and the show model is on 750/60 R30.5 Alliance 181D tyres. The tanker body is built from 6mm thick British steel, is fitted with a Jurop vacuum pump and incorporates internal implosion rings. The show model will also be fitted with a Vogelsang Blackbird trailing shoe applicator.

Also, on the Hi-Spec stand will be the Hi-Spec XCEL 1250 rear discharge spreader. Unlike other rear discharge spreaders, the XCEL 1250 is unique in that it uses a combination of a shredding rotor fitted with 22 heavy duty chains with 12mm Hardox flail heads. These are mounted under a 4mm Hardox hood that shreds all the material to an even consistency which is then spread by two spreading rotors. An adjustment plate on the shredding rotor hood evenly places the manure onto the spreading discs to ensure an even spread.

The Xcel 1250 has the capability to achieve an even spread pattern up to 24 metres. It has a capacity of 12 tonnes, typical discharge time is 3-5 minutes and it is able to spread all types of material such as farmyard manure, sludge cake, muck lime, wood mulch and chicken compost.