New Holland launch new T7 Heavy Duty tractor

  • The new T7 HD maintains the powerful performance, exceptional agility and outstanding versatility that are the hallmark of this tractor and delivers a superior working experience with the brand-new Horizon Ultra cab and next-generation PLM Intelligence features. It is ideal for contractors who need to multi-task in a variety of field and transport applications, and look for a boost to their comfort, efficiency and productivity

“We asked our customers what they expected from their future tractor and developed the new generation T7 HD based on their demands, and it delivers everything they dreamed of,” says Sean Lennon, New Holland Agriculture Vice President Europe. “We designed the brand-new Horizon Ultra cab to give them the best working experience with all the space, comfort, quality finish they asked for, and the quietest cab on the market. On top of this, the next-generation PLM Intelligence will make it easier for them to access our intelligent farming solutions which deliver substantial added value in terms of better decision making and accurate execution, boosting their efficiency and profitability.”

The Horizon Ultra cab has been redesigned from the ground up to meet the customers’ most demanding expectations: “The T7 HD might seem the same from outside, with the same compact, stylish appearance,” explains Oscar Baroncelli, New Holland Agriculture Tractors Product Management Leader Global, “but it’s totally new inside: just 2% of parts are carry-overs from the previous model! It is more connected than ever and sets a new record as the quietest in the industry with just 66 dBA. We believe it is going to transform our customers’ experience when they work in the field.”

The T7 HD maintains the T7 range “family feeling” while offering a spacious work environment where the driver feels far less enclosed by the cab structure. The cab has been lengthened to provide additional room for the passenger and more floor space. Customers will appreciate the ample storage available: a 30-litre storage space behind the seat that will comfortably hold the driver’s carry-on items; a 12-litre capacity cooled compartment; covered storage behind the passenger seat with a USB charging point and a mains voltage socket; open storage trays on the right side of the cab, and a netted storage bin within the roof bezel. The redesign has further improved visibility to the front and down to the rear hitch and implement, while cameras keep a safe watch on the area around the tractor. A new work light package with up to 24 LED lights ensures visibility around the tractor and implement is maintained into the night.

The T7 HD introduces the next-generation PLM Intelligence, which represents a step forward in New Holland’s Precision Land Management strategy. It marks the shift from traditional farming practices to agriculture 4.0., where Precision and Interconnected Farming assists farmers to plan all operations in advance, manage in real time the behaviour and performance of each machine, and achieve maximum precision and efficiency.

“These new developments are the result of New Holland’s strategy to be more and more

connected to our customers,” says Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President. “Servitization and digitalization are the gates to the future. They have made possible to integrate the physical presence at the wheel with an array of digital services that mean we can always be at our customer’s side, helping them to get the job done.”

The next-generation PLM Intelligence is a new electronic architecture that will be adopted in all New Holland next-generation equipment, so that customers will find the same logic when switching machines and easily access data to get the job done more efficiently. This is part of New Holland’s strategy to integrate digital technologies to deliver a smart and connected agriculture, with easy-to-use solutions that make farming more sustainable and productive.

They include the traditional precision farming applications aimed at making the operator’s life easier while optimising yield and input costs; solutions based on connectivity and monitoring focused on improving the machine’s productivity; and cloud-based solutions based on data analysis and planning to facilitate farm management decisions.

Through the MyNewHolland App, customers can register their machine and retrieve its technical information, and access the MyPLMConnect portal, where they can manage their fleet and farm data in a single environment. The MyPLMConnect system enables them to receive dynamic information in real time from individual machines at work in the field and analyse the data to make informed decisions.

New Holland is also introducing the new PLM Cygnus receiver, which is core to the enhanced autoguidance architecture on its tractors featuring PLM Intelligence. It provides reliable position, compensating for terrain variations, and helps acquire guidance lines very quickly, delivering accurate and reliable guidance. The receiver also supports New Holland’s satellite-based correction sources, in addition to the highly accurate RTK correction distributed through the brand’s PLM RTK+ network.