New Holland launches a complete brand-new range of Mini excavators

  • Fifteen new Mini excavator models covering all weight classes from 1 to 6.5 t
  • Two fully-electric zero-emission models
  • The industry’s most comprehensive two-piece boom offering
  • Zero tail-swing and short-radius models

New Holland considerably extends its light construction equipment offering with the launch of a brand-new range of fifteen Mini excavator models manufactured in-house. The new range excels in terms of width, design, versatility, innovation, comfort and performance. The new machines have compact dimensions with a superior working range and are either Zero Tail-swing or Short Radius, which makes them ideal for work in confined spaces.

The new range is the first introduction resulting from the acquisition of Sampierana S.p.A., an Italian company specialized in the development and manufacturing of earthmoving machines known for its reliability, quality and innovative technology especially in the line of Mini and Midi excavators and for special undercarriages.

Nicola D’Arpino, New Holland Light equipment manager, wrote: “This new range is the result of our constant work to create new and better products, with the highest attention to details and perceived quality in every model across the range that goes beyond customer expectations. We have received incredible feedbacks from anyone who saw and tried the machines, the reactions have been enthusiastic, so we are very happy with the job done by the whole team.”

The smallest machines in the range are the E12D Zero Tail-swing and the E14D Short-Radius models. Providing best-in-class hydraulic power and excellent stability, they feature a retractable undercarriage and an overall width of just 790mm, which enables them to drive through 800mm domestic doorways. Further features include a foldable roll-bar for ease of movement in spaces with limited clearance. Auxiliary hydraulic hoses are routed inside the boom for protection and to ensure unimpeded vision. The machines’ compact dimensions do not compromise operator comfort: the seating position is wide, easily accessible, and visibility is excellent thanks to the rear-mounted roll-bars.

The 1.5-2t class models, representing almost 40% of mini excavator sales, include three Zero Tail-swing machines (E17D, E18D and E19D) and one Short Radius model (E20D), all less than one meter wide thanks to the variable gauge design. The E20D is also the world’s first two-piece boom model in the 2t class and offers significant advantages in working range compared to traditional mono-boom excavators. A high-flow option uses an additional gear pump to optimize the use of attachments requiring a constant high flow supply, most importantly mulchers.

It is worth mentioning the high-end models in the mini range, which retain compact dimensions while excelling in hydraulic power, breakout force and working range. For example, the dump clearance on the top E65D two-piece boom model outperforms similar models on the market by 1.0m. The E60D and E65D feature a unique hydraulic system developed with Bosch Rexroth, the EOC (Electronic Open Circuit), which controls flow, pressure and power to minimize machine downtime and increase productivity, while maintaining extremely low emissions.

Models in the upper end of the range, from E50D and larger, feature standard reversible fans to ensure the radiators are always clean, fluid temperatures are under control and their properties unaltered, which in the long run, means extended life of components. A colour display guides the operator through multiple setting options, including an array of parameters related to the operation of different hydraulic attachments. Tiltable cabs come as standard on every model in the range, allowing extraordinary accessibility to all machine components.

The new series also features the very first fully electric model in the history of New Holland mini excavators, the E15X Electric Power, which was recently recognized with a Special Mention at the EIMA Technology Innovation Awards, thanks to its unique power demand logic. The brand-new E15X is powered by a 21.5 kW lithium-ion battery and is the electric equivalent of the diesel E14D model. Its extremely compact dimensions enable it to access the tightest spaces, making it the ideal machine to work indoors. Autonomy is also guaranteed for a full 8-hour working day, with 1-hour fast charge.

As a zero-emission vehicle with very low operating noise, it is ideal for working in areas with emissions and noise restrictions. The machine is well suited for a wide variety of applications, from agriculture and horticulture to landscaping, general digging, and demolition tasks in indoor or confined workspaces.

Its environmental credentials are further enhanced by its use of eco-friendly biological hydraulic oil, which also extends service intervals, and by the use of cobalt-free lithium batteries.